Humiliating Exam

From: TinyDad

My most embarrassing experience happened about 8 months after i married. I was 33 and she was 38. It was my first marriage and her second. I had always been shy with girls and nudity due to my small penis. When we dated and she would make an attempt to grab my crotch, I would pull away and make some excuse. Finally I had to tell her I was embarrassed to be seen. this intrigued her more and finally got me to show...

She thought it was cute and wanted to measure it. It was the same small 3.5 inch as when I had always measured it.

After a few more weeks of dating she convinced me to shave it smooth. She said it would make it look bigger. All I thought it did was make me look like a boy. she loved it though and I kept it smooth right into out marriage 18 months later. I felt it was OK to be shaved as she was the only person seeing me naked anyway. This changed after marriage when I began to participate in the weekly family swims with her and her kids at the local pool. In an effort not be seen too much in the locker room there, I took up my old high school routine of being very conscience of my nudity and showering under a corner nozzle to avoid to much exposure. Having not been in this situation since high school I was very embarrassed to have the guys see my little bald penis. I adjusted to this exposure OK and used by tricks of keeping covered to get by.

Anyway, it's 8 months into the marriage when my wife finds out I haven't had a physical since hi school. I told her I didn't have a doctor but she insists on making an appointment with hers for me. My thoughts immediately went to the fact that my wifes doctor is a woman. I had been to a doctor as a kid but what would it be like now that I'm a man. I new there was going to be nudity of course and all kinds of thoughts went through my mind. No other female had seen me bare in quite a number of years.

About 3 weeks later I arrived at the office. It was fairly routine and ended up stripped down to my underpants waiting for her. They were a tight white bikini and kept my package very contained and shriveled due to the cold. she arrived and did the usual checks of eyes, ears, chest, etc. Her young nurse periodically assisting with paperwork and doing something at the counter. I'm sure each had checked out my little bulge more then once and I dreaded having to lower them for the genital check.

When that time came I was taken a back over two instances. first she asked me to completely remove my underpants and then pulled the stirrups from the side of the exam. she said using them for men was becoming more common now and gave the best access for the last two exams. Last 2 I thought? Oh boy. She got a small drape and kept me covered till I was in position. Once ready the drape was moved up to my belly leaving me completely exposed. Legs high and wide. Penis and scrotum laid out. Because of my size I always poke out over my sac. I never hang or flop one way or another. I could my anus exposed too. I felt smaller then I before. shrinking up due to nervousness, etc. I had no worry of getting an erection at this point. the exam went on without incident. I kept wondering what she really thought about my bald little penis but she never mentioned anything about it. I'm sure her nurse had only seen this on little boys.

Next I felt her finger on my anus as she said it was time for the digital rectal exam. I had not had one of these before but the second her finger penetrated me I felt my penis stir. Nothing I could do now. She continued and I began to hard right in front of her and nurses eyes. I could not have been more humiliated as they watched the process. Soon I had a pulsing 3 and half inch rod. I'm sue they were mentally comparing me to boys they had seen and how small i looked all bald. I just closed my eyes and tried to get through it. I did and the exam was soon over. I was still erect when she helped my legs out of the stirrups and told me to dress again. Afterwards she says she noticed a couple moles on my back and had referred me to a dermatologist.

Great I thought, what humiliation would I experience there?!!