A Bad Interview

From: Anonymous

I was late for job interview. I got up and got dress and ran out of the house. I got to the job interview and they asked if after the interview if I could do a small test, which would last 45 minutes I said ok as I really wanted this job. At the begging of the interview I remembered that I did not go to the loo be for leaving. Any way I got to the end of the interview gritting my teeth for a wee but other wise it went ok. I was about to leave when the interviewer said about the test. He took me to a small room and said that I could not leave till I was finished. I said ok. So I was sitting in the test and then about ten minuets in I started to real need to wee. I crossed over my legs and hoped that nothing would happen. It was about twenty minutes into the test and I felt something warm in my underwear and I realised I was wetting my self. It was only a small flow coming out. I move a bit and it stopped for 20 seconds and then I had the urge to wee again but this time it was 10 times worst I started weeing again and it stared of slow but then it got faster and faster I could feel it on my pants and in my shoes I then I looked down at the floor and there was a massive puddle by my feet which was still growing as I was still wetting my pants. I must have been peeing my pants for at least 3 minutes till it stopped. I felt much better after that. By the time the test was over I had almost forgotten I had wet my pants. I got up and said goodbye to the interviewer and he look funny at me and then I remembered what happened.

I was so embarrassed I did not get the job. I don't think I would have said yes to it any way after what happened.








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  • Lols Dude.


    Hahah. I got a bigger situation. Once, I was in an interview and I wore a baggy pants without undergarment as they were all drying up.

    So, at the interview, she was interviewing me and here it goes. When the interview started, I didn't realize that my pants is falling down and by the time the interview had finished my pants were onto my ankles. I left my pants there(still did not realize) and walked outside to the street. Suddenly, a girl gang started to surround me and laugh their asses off so hard. That's the time I realised. Then one of them pulled my hair to her legs and started to spank me. Then they took out their shoes and made me lick all their foot. They then strip me naked, gave me a leaf and taped it over my penis. They released me then. Hell humiliating.