Caught skinny dipping

From: Trey

I was cutting the grass when my wife told me she was going shopping. So I had the whole house to myself. I decide to go skinny dipping. After about 45 minutes I heard my wife come in. But I also heard other voices. She had brought home her mom and my sister. Not that I wasn't happy to see them but this was kinda a bad time. My sister came out and said"hey,can't I get some love?" I told her I couldn't right now. She then bust out what,are you naked in there or something? She saw the look on my face,looked down into the water and busted out laughing. Then my wife and mother in law come out and want to know what is so funny. So of course my sister tells them. Then they start making jokes about how white my butt is. I made the mistake of commenting on at least mine is not as fat as hers. She politely went inside and got me a towel. She even held it up as I got out the pool. But as I was walking toward the house she snatched it off me. I know it was only my sister and mother in law but I was still embarrassed that they saw me naked. It happened about two months ago but I still get teased about it. That was also the last time I make fun of my wifes butt.








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