Taking the wrong dare

From: Anonymous

Im 17, and like doing dares my friends give me. Well one day, around this time in December (in Minnesota too mind you, where there is tons of snow and its freezing), I was hanging out with a group of friends and they thought of a dare for me to do.

We were at a park with a pavilion with restrooms and they dared me to get out and strip down to just a pair of really tiny white tighties one of them had brought from home from his little brother. Yes, they have been planning this for a little while now. Then once I changed I was to leave my clothes in the restroom, run out, and make a snow angel up by the side of the road. I usually don't do things this stupid, but they forced me into doing it. So I change into these little things which barely cup around my dick and I run out in the snow up the road and fall backwards into it. Well as i got up, shivering a lot, I see my friends were running out of the restroom with all my clothes! They dash into their car and wont let me!!!

I'm standing there outside, where it must've been around 5 degrees, -10 with wind chill, soaking wet, in only way too small (and see through in the back) whitey tighties. So then they pull out onto the road and I run back into the restroom. I guess they called a group of girls then from our grade who knew about this before hand and were ready to go came and got me. They ran into the restroom and pulled me out and took me with them, there were about 5 of them, and we all had to fit into their little car, and since i was wet they kept pushing my nearly naked body around the car. Well after they all got their laughs in at me and such they gave me some clothes to wear.... a mini skirt a belly shirt. It was better than what I had, they then brought me back to my friends house where I had to where just that until they returned my clothes to me.

A very long and embarrassing day... I don't think Im taking those dares anymore... ugh.








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