Being a woman for the day

From: Anonymous

To make a long story short, I had a bet with my wife, (now former wife) that i would not swear for a week. if i won she would do whatever i wanted, if i lost, i had to do what she wanted.
well... I lost..

She wasted no time in informing me that i would be going out to a bar - dressed as a woman!

Since she picked Halloween for the night, i really didn't get that upset about it, besides, she was never very kinky and probably wouldn't have me go through with it anyway.

The morning of October 31 started out confirming she was going to make me do this though. as while i was in the shower, she handed me a bottle of "nair" (leg wax) and told me she expected to see smooth legs when i got out. curious to see how far she would go with this, i "naired" my legs. once i was out of the shower she handed me my clothes for the day. short skirt, shear blouse, bra, panties, stockings and heels.. she also sat me down and did my fingernails and toenails and applied makeup... for fun, she handed me a pink hair womans wig. I thought i was only going to be dressed for that night, turns out it was all day.. After a day of teasing she fixed my makeup, and handed me my purse which had makeup, tampons panties and money in it. it also contained a small note pad and pen... I was told that i had to stay out until 2:00 am, and that i should not come home if i do not have 100 signatures of people saw me, complete with their phone numbers so she could call them to make sure.
I suffered through that night, having to endure cheers, laughter, and girls lifting my skirt and squeezing my "breasts"

I don't swear as much anymore though, and i certainly wont treat a woman as meat anymore..








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