Naked day at the pool

From: Anonymous

One day I went swimming with a friend. While we were getting changed, I realised the string on my trunks had gone missing, but I changed anyway.

So, we went into the pool. After a good time swimming, I went up on the diving board. When I dived in, my trunks came down to my ankles. I quickly pulled them back on.

When I surfaced, my friend asked why my face was red. I said I'd almost lost my trunks on the dive. He laughed and started swimming laps. When I went up to do another dive, he looked at me and swam over next to the diving board. I didn't think much of it and dived into the water. My trunks came to my ankles again, so I reached to get them, but I felt someone else grab them and pull them off. I surfaced and saw my friend climbing out the pool with my trunks. I was about to shout for him to give them back, but then I thought I'd get too much attention from around the swimming pool. My friend turned around and went into the changing rooms.

And then, as if he knew, the lifeguard blew the whistle and told everyone to get out. I was scared shit-less!

I looked around for a board or something I could cover myself with, but saw nothing. The people were climbing out, and the lifeguard came over to me and told me to get out. I asked if I could stay in a little longer. He said no and said if I don't get out, he'll drag me out. I didn't want to say I'd lost my trunks, so I turned around and swam away from him. He jumped in and grabbed me. e then pulled me out and everyone laughed at me.

I ran as fast as i could into the changing rooms, but my friend had gone and he had the keys to our locker. I started panicking.

I stayed in the changing rooms for half an hour, thinking he might come back, but then a WOMAN cleaner came in and said I had to get out. She didn't seem to notice I was naked. She pushed me into the hall where people were still playing tennis (men AND women), who all stopped and turned to laugh at me. A man came over to me and gave me a towel. I quickly put it around myself and went to reception to see if I could use their phone. When I got there, I heard my friend laughing. He gave me the keys to the locker so I could change. WRONG!!

The doors were locked, so I went to reception and asked if I could go in to get my clothes, so they opened the door for me.

After getting changed, I went back to the hall, gave the towel back to the nice man, then started chasing after my "friend".

I'd been seen naked by all the people in the pool, all the tennis players and the cleaner.