Bleeding for love

From: Anonymous

Well, i never would have thought this would happen to me, but it did!

I had the BIGGEST crush on this hottie in 9th grade, and he was in love with basketball. i wasnt ever into the sport, but he LOVED it! i had to show him i did too (great idea, huh?!)

At one of his practices, i went to a near by court with some other people, and decided to play...Making sure he was watching (which he was) i barely paid any attention to where i was going...or who was in front of me. As he flashed a smile,my heart flew into the sky then....BAM!

The big husky guy who i was supposed to be playing elbows me right into the mouth, gashing up my teeth really bad. Blood went every where, and me being a complete wuss, screamed at the sight of blood. it got all over the people on my court, and one PUKED on me!!

I looked over to see my crush laughing hysterically at me. i was so mortified. i cried and cried, sobs of blood came spilling out. the team just kept on laughing at me.

I ran towards the bathroom and he stopped me for a second. i was hoping he would ask me if i was alright and offer me an ice pac...but instead he imitated me with my sobs of red embarrasment (blood).

I felt like and idiot. the next day at school, everyone noticed my GORGEOUS smile. they looked like woodchips! i know for a fact that he would never look at me again.....i kinda hope he doesnt!!!