From: Anonymous

I was around 14 at the time. I was going camping with my mom, step dad, two step brothers, and brother. I decided to go swimming and I wore my mom's bikini. Now mom and I didn't have the same type of bodies. I had asked her if it was ok and she let me wear them.

The pool was an outside pool. It is surrounded by a fence. On one side are the basketball court and the arcade, on another are some campers, on and another was the office building, playground, and more stuff, then on the other were even more campers. Basically it was very open and public.

I went swimming in her bikini and was enjoying myself. It was sunny outside and mostly cloudy. I got out of the pool and looked around enjoying the sun and the nice weather.

My step brother and brother looked at me weirdly. My youngest step brother, the youngest of the three, was laughing, pointing, and then waved. I waved back wondering what was so funny. I had no clue and thought nothing of it.

I was standing there for at least a minute or more. I looked over and there was this old guy and his old wife. The old woman was just staring at me and the old guy had this weird look on his face too.

Now for some reason I was the centre of attention. I wasn't sure why at all. I had no clue to be honest.

I looked down after a minute or so and finally realized why:


I had been standing there for least a minute or two with my breast showing completely!!!!!!

It dawned on me then why everyone was staring at me. I tried to cover myself and find a towel or something.

Well then mom shows up. You would think that she would have taken a towel, covered me, rebuked my brother and step brothers, and then have taken me to the camper.


She growled at me and then told me to turn around. I was then face the playground, the office building, and the other campers (basically the more public area of the whole camp ground.)

My left breast was still showing. No one was out there but besides that there were many campers in that area.

Well to add even more embarrassment to my already humiliating experience, she undid the bikini top completely! I kid you not! There I stood facing the most public area of the whole campground with not just one breast exposed but now BOTH of them!!!! She was growling at me the time and I mentioned about people seeing. She said no one could see me. (How she know? Just cause no one was outside doesn't mean someone wasn't watching from inside some place.)

I tried to cover myself, but she growled at me to put my arms to my sides. So there I stood with my two huge breasts totally exposed and forced to have my arms to my sides.

I had to stand there for minutes totally exposed while she had to do the bikini top "just right".

Talk about humiliating!