Boob bust-out

From: Rhealea

It was Fourth of July weekend last summer and the pool at my apartment complex was packed with men, women, and children. There was even an outdoor barbeque going on, just outside the pool area. I'm 22 and kind of slim, but I have full-sized breasts, which I sometimes hate because they draw too much attention when I'm not in the mood for it. Besides, they're always in the way.

I had just got this sexy new bikini, and the top had these inflatable cups, of all things, which were popular in the past couple years or so. The fancy bikini cups give the option of having a bigger bust or not having one, while using the same swimsuit. I definitely did not need inflated cups. I almost took the suit back, but I kept it, even though it was a bit snug all over. I was feeling kind of sexy about the the two-piece, since I liked the way it really hugged my curves when I had tried it on in the store.

I inflated the cups as full as they would go and started putting the swimsuit on in the privacy of my apartment. I put the pumped-up top on and pranced around in front of the mirror. I was overflowing, to say the least. It felt like two basketballs under my chin, though it probably wasn't as bad as I thought. I felt self-conscious and embarrassed, but sexuallly titilated.

I knew I didn't have the nerve to go out to the pool like this with my boobs about to explode out of my top. I practiced walking around the apartment in the bikini until I got the knack of keeping everything in place. I was suddenly feeling brave and in the mood for some attention. When I was sure I had mastered things pretty well, I put on my best make-up face and walked outside to the pool. I could feel guys ogling me right away, and I felt my cleavage bouncing carelessly with each step. I walked through the barbeque area, past the usual smiles and nods of horny guys.

When I got to the gate of the swimming pool, a man was passing through the same time as me. I turned my chest away from him and toward the gate as I pushed it open. I felt an abrupt tug and looked down to find that my top had become ensnared in the little squiggly metal design on the iron gate. A girl about my age immediately saw the fix I was in and quickly rushed over, trying to be cool so we wouldn't be noticed. She saw how freaked I was and tried to calm me to stop my fidgeting, though I was struggling like crazy to get free.

I got more worried with each jiggle of each tit. She got a little upset with me and warned me to stop twisting or the top would tear off. She reached her hand into my cleavage to try and free me, but I got nervous and panicked. I reached behind my back between my shoulder blades to try and take off my top and make a run for it. But she giggled, then swatted my shoulder and told me not to dare try that. Then I jerked my torso back as hard as I could. I heard her yell something at me as my breasts burst out of the top! She and I screamed almost at the same moment.

My boobs were completely exposed! Both of them bounced and splattered all over the gate. Poolsiders were squealing and yelling. I was frozen for several moments, while everyone got a good look at them bouncing and bobbing like crazy. The girl squealed and guided me to a poolside table a few feet away, where I bent over and laid face-down across it. I gripped the edges and flattened my torso down on the tabletop. The people there scattered and jumped back out of their chairs like I had coodies.

The front of the swimsuit's busted top was flapping loose around my neck. People were laughing, shouting and pointing at me. I was so terrified and embarrassed, I wanted to die. I looked down to see my jugs swelling outward on the table. I struggled to raise up but couldn't without exposing myself again to all the prying eyes. Guys were whistling, cheering and applauding. Women were hooting, squealing and laughing. A little girl was even crying. I was literally trapped there until the gal who had tried to help me found a towel and got it around my neck like a big bib. She walked with me back to my apartment, where we were eventually able to laugh about it once we got out of there, and Rhonda and I easily became fast friends.