Seniors SUCKS!

From: Johnney

I had one of the worst wedgies when I was in college.

Seniors love this day called 'Freshman Friday'. (I was a freshman that time)

One Friday, after school, some seniors beat me up and I couldn't take it any more so I fainted. I woke up and found myself in a forest, tied at a tree. Suddenly, they took off my shirt, undershirt, pants, socks and shoes. I was standing there just with my 'I LOVE MY MUM' boxers. It was embarrassing. To make it worse, those seniors were girls. They giggled. They gave me multiple wedgies afterwards and then cut my pants. They laughed so hard because my dick was so red.

They untied me later on and spanked me. One of their friends even said, " Let's go to his house and rip all his clothes so he will go to school naked". I went on my knees and begged them not to. They agreed unless I will be their slave. I thought it wasn't bad(I was wrong) so I agreed.

They ordered me to go to school in a thong and a bra or be naked. Obviously, I will go to school naked rather than wear those thongs and stuff.

The next day, I found out my clothes were all ripped. I was so fucking angry.

Anyway, the second order was going to a girl's locker room forever until the end of college.

I am still their slave because they have still have pictures of me getting wedgies and spanked. The worst order was me being being collared acting like a dog in public.

I don't care if you believe me or not.