My Thong Wedgie

From: Kelly

It was last year when I was a junior in high school.

During gym class, we decided to play a friendly game of basketball (our teacher was out that day, so the sub let us do what ever we wanted). It was me and 2 other girls against 3 guys (1 of them was my boyfriend).

It was a good game, even though we lost 22-16. When it was all over, me and 2 of the guys went into the locker room. One guy was whispering into the other guys's ear. Now I was suspicious at first, but I just forget about it. So I left the locker to go use the bathroom. About 20 minutes later, my boyfriend called me to come here (that was a mistake). I walk in the room, and there he was with a weird look on his face. When I was about to ask what did he want, the other guy jumps from behind me and pins me down. (Here it comes) The gut pinned me down rips off my shorts, while my boyfriend rips off my shirt. So all thats left on me is my red thong and bra.

While im still pinned, both of them tie my hands behind my back and tie my feat together. Since im all tied up and cant get out, they both stand up, take their hands, and pull REALLYY!!! hard on my thong. Not only that but they undo bra and connect my almost ripped thong to my bra.

One of them goes into his sack(bookbag) and takes about 4 pictures of me nude on his phone (well not all the way nude, but mostly). When that class period was over, they just left me there. So to add to the embarressment, about 20 other students saw me and started laughing.

I know what ur thinking, where was the sub when all this happend? IDK !? The last time I saw him was outside whan when I went for the bathroom.

And to this day, I dont know if they sent the pics to anybody! And yes we are still friends, but believe me, I will get them back!