Water + thin material = See through tops!

From: Michelle

One day in the summer about 3 years ago i went to the pool with my friends in my brand new bright yellow tankini,which was the latest fashion.

anyways i was swimming and in walks the hottest guy i have ever seen.i mean he was georgeous.I went up to him and we started talkin..all the time, he kept glancing at my chest and laughing...i didn't understand why so i just ignored it...

After i went to talk to my friend and she started laughing too! When i asked her why she just said - "come and i'll show u".

She brought me into the changing room in front of a mirror and said "look". i looked into the mirror and realized my tankini was COMPLETELY SEE THROUGH.I was sooo embarassed.

To make things worse, 2 years later (i was starting school in a new high school cuz ours was shut down) and the first person i saw was the guy i was talkin to.i figured he wouldn't remember i mean it was 2 years ago,so i went to talk to him,he looked at me and laughed and said "hey arent u the girl i was talkin to at the pool 2 years ago with the see through bathing suit??" his friends asked what he was talkin about and he told them...everything..

All day everyone was laughing at me and a few guys said they wanted to see me in it.i was soo embarrased.i didn't go back for 2 days and half way throught the year they were still bugging me so i switched schools...somehow the people there found out too.

I'll never stop being embarrassed.