Stripped naked in front of class

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When I was in 6th grade, we made a jaunt with our class to a park. It was a warm and sunny day and after a couple of hours, some girls wanted to play soccer on the lawn. I was sitting on a bench with some other guys, when suddenly a group of some of my worst enemies appeared. They had a plan to humiliate me in front of the girls: Some of the boys went behind me and pulled me from the bench. The bench didn't had a backrest and that's why I was lying half in the air and half on the bench. Another boy was holding my legs, while the guys behind me were holding my arms. Then, with a huge grin, a very nasty boy tried to strip me naked. I tried hard to resist but he succeed and I was just lying there in my pants, cause the boys behind me had also ripped down my shirt. I hoped they would stop but then they pulled down my pants and I was lying there completely naked. Everybody, even some girls who stopped playing football because of the laughter now watched my embarrassment. Some other schoolmates also came to watch it and laughed at me when they saw me. But to make things even worse, the guys took my arms and legs and carried me a few metres. Then they spread my legs, so that everyone could see everything. At last, they released me from that horrible, but for the others funny, torture. After that, I had to collect my strewn clothes in front of the whole class. I think, I would have also made fun of that, but unfortunately it was me who was laughed at. In the following weeks, many, especially the girls mocked about me because they saw me naked.








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    Well spun for me, I went through a near similar experience in my eighth grade.I was of moderate height,fair and with a bit of chubby baby fat those days.Studied in a local Indian High school.We wore skimpy cotton shorts and white shirt as was my early teen years and I didn't know when my member oft became hard and when I used to feel an extremely pleasurable sensation,Those days I didn't have underwear as in a large Indian middle-class family,it was still considered passable by indulgent parents.little did poor me n my parents realize that I had grown up and grown too big for my skimpy shorts.The trousers were loose and were hiked up well above the knees,held perilously in position only by a few loose buttons.
    On our way to school, we had to shin down a tree. after climbing over a wall behind my friend's house, which served as a short cut to school.There were three of us,with the two friends who were elder to me studying in ninth grade.
    As I was about to leave for school,on a math exam day, out of anxiety, I hurriedly put on my shorts and did not button up the shorts properly.Just before getting out , I felt the all-too familiar erection and the dick stood up hard rubbing softly against my trouser. In a bit of shame, red-faced, I hastily covered it with my books which I was carrying in my hand. Those days, my poor parents could not afford expensive footwear and I had to go to school barefooted. My friends had footwear,with good grip and normally they used to shin down the tree fast. It was rainy season and the night rains had made the branches slippery. My friends easily climbed over, shinned down the branches and called me over. Imagine my plight, with this monstrous member,hardening inside and desperately wanting to break free,even as poor me had to shin down a tree, I had handed over my books and stepped on to the tree in trepidation,with my friends watching from below. At that moment, my trousers came off and even as I shinned down, I could see the startled and then amusing looks register on my friends' faces.Red-hot in shame, I dropped down, sans shorts and naked as a new-born except for a teeny-weeny, cotton shirt well above my navel and an angry-red erect member.....Hurriedly I gathered my shorts and ran away from my friends who were squealing in laughter.....