Ma'am, this is not a taxi

From: Anonymous

Back in the summer of '98 my mother had a foot surgery done and patients are offered rides home from the hospital if they cannot transport on their own...

Well, for her very first follow-up appointment we were instructed that we were going to be picked up by a certain hour. Being a Monday, the garbage was being picked up in my block where I live, around that time. As my mother and I stood in front of our apartment building waiting for this particular vehicle we were very alert for any unfamiliar vehicles thinking it might be the hospital staff to pick us up.

The more we stood there the more we noticed that the hospital vehicle was running a little bit late I had no freaking idea how this 'vehicle' was going to look like so any parked or passing by vehicles I was cautiously checking just so we wont be left behind.

For some reason we noticed a white parked car right across from us who seemed to be waiting for something or somebody. Well I did not want to look stupid in front of people, but my mother kept convincing me that it was the vehicle to pick us up and to quickly open the door before he leaves.

Well as I was approaching the car, the man in the vehicle started to drive off and I immediately started to chase him for two feet and waving my hand in the air shouting: "hey Mr.!, we're right here!", continuously! He didn't notice me until I got close enough from all that chasing, that I was actually behind him.

With a shock look on his face, he stopped the car and very loudly shouted, "hey m'am will you please get off the car?! This is not a taxi!!!'

Turns out that he was an inspector for the New York sanitation department, who was checking the performance of the workers all that time! And if it wasn't bad enough not only did I look dumb in front of the garbage pick up workers and other few residents standing there, but the superintendent's hot looking nephew had seen the whole scenario and had just stared at me with a weird look on his face!!!!