Your new nickname

From: TS

I have never told this story, and only about 20 people
know what happened. I was in track practice during
Spring Break in High School.

Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays were our weight
training days. A 3 mile jog was the warmup before the
sprinters would hit the weights. Well it was a
particularly windy spring day and I was wearing a
baseball cap turned around backwards during my run.

After jogging I was walking around catching my breath
and talking to a few teammates before entering the
weight room. I turned my hat around forwards as the
sun was glaring. Just then a big gust of wind blew my
hat off my head! I chased down my hat, put it back on
my head backwards, and then went into the weight room.

I liked to work on my legs first, as I was a sprinter,
so I hit the leg curls/leg extention bench and did
about 3 sets of 15 using about 60 pound weights.
Afterwards I went to get a drink of water. As I did I
noticed a footprint trail between the water fountain
and the weight bench.

Suddenly it occured to me that I had stepped in dog
poop! Well I discreetly grabbed some paper towels and
cleaned off most of my shoe. But before I could even
put it back on my foot, the coach sits down on the leg
curls machine. I guess he grabbed the uppermost part
where you feet go, and got pooh on his hand!

He yells out, "I got sh!t on my hand! How did I get
sh!t on my hand!?"

Someone else noticed I was the only person not wearing
a shoe and yells, "Hey everybody! TS did it!"

"Hey Sh!tfoot!"

I was Sh!tfoot for the rest of the school year to
everyone on the track team.