Gynecologist visit

From: Anonymous

I went the the Gyn. Before my exam, I needed to use the bathroom. I did my business, only to find no toilet paper. I reached into my purse for Kleenex.

I get on the examination table, feet in the stirrups. The Dr. starts laughing, says..."You really hide your green stamps!"?
(Everyone in my day collected green stamps to get free gifts)

You can only imagine where the stamps were stuck!!








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  • kiki


    i was at the gyn. and my feet were in the stippups.the doc. (he is a boy by the way)said "hmmm, i think your boyfriends penis is a little large for your vagina." i thought i was gonna die then he said "im gonna have to put somthin in your vagina and you might feel slight pressure." so he did and it hurt like crazy i screamed and said "UUGGGHHH! OO THATS NICE. HHHMMMM!" i thought i was dead on the table!