Cop-ping a feel

From: GoneFshn

When my ex-wife and I were "courting" we stopped at a nature area parking lot late one night and proceeded to get very amorous..

When car headlights approached she said "I hope it's not the cops!", I of course replied "no way!". Of course, it was.

I bailed out the driver's door, doing up my pants in record time. I shoved my head into my T-shirt and stood up just as my head popped out of my shirt.

I looked across the roof of my car directly into a flashlight and a .38 Police Special.

Silence reined, as the police officer looked at me (dishevelled, shirt on backwards AND inside out) and then my fiance (jeans locked hopelessly at her knees as she vainly tried to pull them up).

Mercifully, the cop started to laugh, alternating between my totally embarrassed face and my fiance's emBARE-ASSED everything.

We were allowed to leave without any further embarrassment. It remains a fond, if somewhat bizarre, memory.

Hope you enjoy it!