Having an odd sense of humor

From: Linda D

I thought that I had always been noted for my wicked, sick sense of humour until my last party...

I thought that it would be a good laugh to put on my husbands old pair of 'y-fronts' (that i had been using to apply BROWN shoe polish) under my long evening dress, tucking the hem up into the back of my panties to make it look as if I had just been to the toilet and inadvertantly caught it, some of the polish stained my legs as i put them on, but I thought it added to the effect.

I had presumed that everybody would know that it was a joke until a few seperate whispers from females telling me :
"Your dress is tucked up and you have had an accident!"

I laughed and said that I know! its only a joke! But EVERYONE just smiled regretfully saying

"You poor dear!"
some even said "I dont blame you for saying that, so would I too!!!"
and "Yes of course it is dear but you had better change your undies!!!"

In the end I heard myself pleading to all that "It was only a joke Honestly!!....These are not mine!.....Look!...ITS ONLY BROWN SHOE POLISH ON MY LEGS AND CROTCH! ..SEE??? PLEASE JUST SMELL THEM!!!!"

Of course everybody recoiled in horror!.. NOBODY wanted to!

Most had left the party when I had returned, proof in hand. Their reasons....

"So I could clean myself up, and hoped that I got rid of my bad tummy soon!"
"She should have cancelled the party!!!

I now sit alone in a darkened room for comfort and entertainment!