Hot Pepper Honeys

From: Anonymous

On my first trip to Cancun, Mexico (I'm from San Francisco) my friends and I got completely hammered on Tequila shots, Margaritas and local spicy food.

Somehow I was able to keep myself together enough to lead our group of 3 in talking to some fine Mexican women. It started out as mostly a Q & A session about living in the States. But after drinking with them for a while it became much more flirtatious.

After a while, one of the women took me their hotel for some personal R and R. I was completely psyched up to make out with a foreign babe. (really just happy to be with a woman) We made out for a while, then eventually we started having sex. Of course I used a condom.

Since I was pretty hammered, she pretty much dictated the pace of everything. She was loud and very enthusiastic in all acts. I couldn't have been more pleased. I was really having a good time and she made me feel like a man. When I couldn't take anymore, I told her I was about to "finish."

Right then she stopped and grabbed my manhood very hard. She hissed something about liking it in the backdoor. Well I was very happy to try that, as it was my first time any woman had offered it to me. I think it lasted about a minute and I couldn't take anymore. It was incredible.

After disconnecting I went to pull off the condom and noticed it had broken and the "helmet" was sticking out! Being the insensitive jerk that I was at the time, I just pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. After a brief
sweaty embrace I passed out.

I woke up with a slight burning pain down below and a full bladder. After staggering to the bathroom in the dark I started to do a #1. IT BURNED SO BAD! I grabbed the shower curtain rod for strength and held in my screams.

I took a shower immediately and felt no better.

When I got out of the shower, she was gone. Lucky me. I didn't really need her help with this. After getting up the nerve and swallowing my pride, I called my friends at our hotel and had them come over and drive me to the hospital. They got there about 45 minutes later. By then the end of my little guy was swollen and discolored like a plum!

After driving me to the hospital, I was poked, prodded, x-rayed and examined by a group of 3 doctors. Of course they asked me lots of questions. I answered all of them truthfully. There was some snickering and lots of Spanish being spoken. Finally, I was told I probably had a Chili Pepper lodged in my urethra for a few hours. It was suggested that it came from her behind.

Although very painful and embarrassing, I was happy it wasn't some weird STD or something. I haven't been to Mexico since, nor have I even attempted anything around a woman's butthole since. It's just not a safe place to be!