Windshield Washer Spray

From: Anonymous

One morning a couple of years ago, I was satisfying my wife before work. It was inspired by morning wood, but some women (like my wife) appreciate that.

Not wanting her to be unfufilled, I made sure not to finish before she got the big O. After 6 years of marriage, I knew when she was satisfied. However it took like 20 minutes when I really only had about 10 for a quickie.

I did the standard porno finish imediately after, hurried up and got dressed and sped off to work late. I gargled some mouthwash going out the door and washed my face with a wet washcloth. As soon as I got to work, I put all my stuff down in my cubicle and proceeded imediately to the restroom.

I went right to the row of urinals and got ready for relief. Right then my boss walks in and joins me at the urinals. Lots of guys talk at the urinals, but I have always found this disturbing. He starts in with the small talk while I am trying to "get the flow started." I really had to go bad, but I've always had anxiety a little in these situations. So I usually look down into the urinal to concentrate.

Just when the urine started to flow, it came out in 2 streams! Just like windsheild washers do on most cars. One stream was caught in the urinal, but the other totally went on my boss's pantleg! (for those ladies out there who may not know, "man fluid" can dry inside the ureathra) OMFG! He totally saw it (or felt it) and jumped back 3 feet. I was completely mortified.

Man he reemed me a good one (verbally) and totally left the office to get new pants. He told me my desk better be cleaned out when he got back. I was so freaked out, could only finish up, wash my hands and start cleaning out my desk.

Fortunately, he called me at home that night and told me I was not fired. I told him I would only come back to work if he didn't tell anyone. I'm not sure he did, but I put my resume on Monster that afternoon and left that job a month later.

Moral of the story - Don't leave the house without using the bathroom first!