Hot one!

From: Kelly D

My boyfriend and I were over at a friends house and decided to spend the night. My boyfriends back was hurting so he got some BenGay and I put it on his back and then I went and washed my hands in the bathroom. Well, to make a long story short... we went to bed and started fooling around and we ended up having sex. Apparently the BenGay really helped his back! What it didnt help was me.

We didnt use a condom and he came in me so I went to the bathroom afterwards to wash up. Mistakenly I grabbed the same washtowel that I had used to wash the BenGay off my hands earlier. Suddenly my cooch was on fire and I was screaming! My friend came running and asked what was wrong. I was still jumping up and down and trying to get water into the tub so I could rinse off while I told her what Id done. She thought it was hysterical. She said she thought we were just having really good sex. Then that she thought he was trying to kill me or something from all of the screaming! I know one thing... I had one hot coochie there for a few minutes!!!! I was glad to get into that tub and get rinsed off!








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  • Anonymous: XD...


    she means it felt so hot it felt like it was on fire, dumbass.
  • Anonymous: (-1) whack