The Neon Green Trunks

From: Rick

While vacationing in mexico last summer, me and my wife stayed at a beautiful resort and spent alot of time at the hotel beach. One beautiful day I decided to go down to the beach early in the morning and get a spot under one of the grass umbrellas before they were all taken because they always became occupied quickly.

My wife slept in that day so I got my coffee,went to the spa area and worked out in the weight room, got a shower, and headed down to the beach. I found a good spot and set my beach bag and stuff down under the grass umbrella and prepaired to relax on the beach and catch some rays while waiting on my wife to join me.

The hotel beach was not a topless or clothing optional beach but alot of the europeans and germans and some american women who were there did choose to go topless and alot of them just wear thongs. This practice is widely accepted and nobody ever seems to have a problem with it. The beach was not very crowded yet but there were quite a few people starting to make there way down.

I have always been very much into physical fitness and in preperation for this vacation I got rid of most of my body fat and was in the best shape Ive ever been in.
Me and my wife always go to a tanning salon before vacation to make sure we have no tan lines and this year we were both as dark as roasted peanuts! When laying out on the beach I always wear posing trunks, (like the competing bodybuilders wear on stage in bodybuilding contests), because I refuse to have a "boxer short" tan. I wear my boxer short swimsuit over my "neon green posing trunks" when I want to get up and go into the ocean or walk around the beach. I slid off my boxers and laid out in my "neon green trunks".

I was looking down at the ocean and noticed two beautiful girls about 21 years of age hanging around at the edge of the ocean right in front of where I was laying out. They were both wearing thongs and no top and were drop dead gorgeous. I could not help watching them playing in the water and messing around on the beach in front of me. After about 30 minutes of this I was about to go nuts, and my "neon green trunks" were not able to hide my emotions!! I decided it was time take a long "cold" swim in the ocean. Feeling pretty brave since I had gotten back in shape, I decided to make my way down the beach in my "neon green trunks" and go for a swim in the surf. As I walked past the two girls who I had been watching, one of them gave me the once over and said "nice swimsuit". This made me feel great since I worked so hard to get in shape! I made my way out into the surf in an attempt to cool my "emotions". Well, the water wasnt quite as cold as It needed it to be, but it felt pretty good anyway. After a few minutes I decided to make my way back to the beach. I was walking back toward the the two girls on the beach, in knee deep water, when out of nowhere a large wave came rolling in behind me and hit me right above the waist on my back and washed my "neon green trunks" right down to my ankles!!!!!!

There I stood....nothing on but a tan....about 30 feet from the two girls on the beach....not to mention all the other people on the beach!!!! I was so caught by surprise I just stook there for a second, stunned about what had just happened! The two girls on the beach were standing right in front of me, staring at me in all my glory! Both of them were getting a huge charge out of my nakedness and one of them was pointing at me! I turned around as quick as I could and gave them a bare butt shot in an effort to hide what they had already seen, only to come face to face with a young woman standing only about 5 feet from me in the water!!!! She just stook there staring below my waist with a big smile on her face!!! I quickly reached down and pulled up my trunks in an attempt to cover myself up! She seemed to get a really big kick out of my misfortune! After finally covering myself up, I turned and headed back up the beach to my spot under the umbrella. As I passed the two young girls, the one that had complimented my swimwear on the way out said with a laugh "I knew I liked that swimsuit"!!! As I got back on my lounge chair wondering how many other people on the beach saw the show, I noticed three older women sitting under the next umbrella looking right at me sporting very big smiles. How embarrassing!!!!

Thank goodness my wife had not made her way down to the beach yet!!!! She would have flipped.!!!! She doesnt even like me wearing those "neon green trunks" because she says they are too revealing. I know next time I go out into the surf, Ill have my boxer shorts on with the draw string tied!!!