The Back Massager...

From: Shannon

Ok, this happened when i was 12 years old when your just learning about orgasms and sex etc...

Well, i always would masturbate with a back massager to get an orgasm from my clit. So when my mom and stepdad left the house, i decided know. Well, they decided to come home early.

So as you can guess, yes, they walked in on me while i was butt naked, moaning like a monkey, and with a back massager in my vagina!!!! I was soOOoO embarrassed.

I mean, dont you think it would be TOTALLY embarrassing for a 12 year old girl to be walked in on while doing that? especially when your new stepdad walks in too!

I can remember my moms face when she yelled "What are you doing?!?"

omg, ill never forget it!!!








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  • Angie


    I was 10 when I started humping my chair watching hentai

    then I became 11 and took it seriously and would get anything
    like a wood, dildo, vibrator etc

    I always do it in the toilet locked
    so now im 20 still doing it but this time my own house :)

    better to be a horny kid than to be pregnant.
  • Raven


    Hi, I'm 15 right now and I do not have a boyfriend my ex dumped me for some sluty a$$ bitch parton my french and then he tried to come back to me and i told him to go fuck his self. but anyway when i used to Masterubate we had a hand held shower head with adjusting presure low,medium,high i put it on high and point it at my clit and boom orgasimthen my brother walked in with his friend (he was giving him a toor of the house so he opened the shower curtain not knowing i was inthere and and so i was like exuse me get out ( the shower is really quiet so i mean i couldn't be mad but damn ever heard of knocking. i mean hello anyways get in da shower to get it on.
  • bloop


    omg my parents were gone and I whipped out the back massager. I plugged it in and tied the cord around me so that when I hit orgasm I wouldn't stop then I turned on some porn on my phone and sat in a birth position then started masturbating. My dad walked in as I hit orgasm and I got all red but I just couldn't stop. I made him swear he wouldn't tell my mom. It was soooo imbarrising! Btw I am 12
  • B


    I was 11, almost 12 when I nearly had the same thing happen (I'm a guy BTW). The first time I ejaculated was hands free, in a sitting position with the messager. I didn't know what was happening but as soon as I ejaculated, I was hooked about a month later I had just finished and my mom came home. I had to hide the messager in my room for a couple days and sneak it back into the closet when no one was around.
  • Anonymous


    To all the people going, "GET A FUCKING BOYFRIEND, YOU SICK FUCK. "
    Atleast she isn't out there whoring herself like alot of girls these days. You're probably the same people, on all the stories in which someone gets caught having sex. You know, the people chanting, "slutslutslutslut. "
    Better to be a 'horny bitch' then to be preggers at 12, amirite?
  • ashley: OMG...


    i did it too

    exept im 12 now

    i always do it

    but i never got caught

  • angel: (+1) oh.. my.. god. ...


    oh.. my.. god.
    thats were i would start thinking about running away