Sat on the blob

From: Dawn A

Years ago, when I was working as an executive secretary for a huge law firm, I was in the employees cafeteria, having lunch. As I got up to return to my desk, a very playful (and totally "harmless") guy named "Fred" suddenly ran up behind me, and, wrapping his arms around my waist, quickly whispered in my ear, "Please trust me completely! You have a serious problem! Do exactly what I say!" Because I knew Fred to be an honorable man, I took him at his word.

He smiled at everyone else who was watching and said, "Watch this, folks! Its a new dance step!" With everyone laughing and some applauding, Fred quickly steered me into his office (without losing his grip on my waist at all) and closed the door behind us.

Once we were alone in his office, he said, "Im not being rude or dirty, but you really NEED to take off your skirt."

I gasped, then said, "What???? Why???"

He said, "So you can see the BACK of it, and discover that you have just started your period!"

I quickly undid my skirt, removed it, and looked at the back. Sure enough, there was a HUGE RED STAIN on it! I almost died right in Freds office, from embarrassment, but then realized that he was the ONLY ONE who had seen the stain, Thank God, and that his way of "sneaking up" behind me (in the "spoons-in-a-drawer" position) was to PROTECT ME from "putting on a show"
for the entire staff, in the cafeteria.

But, I really didnt believe that I was on my period at all, because I felt totally "normal," and it was too early in the month for me to have my period, so I examined the huge red stain, much closer.

It was then I discovered, to my relief, that when I sat down in the chair in the employees cafeteria, that I had sat on a dab of KETCHUP, and that "dab" had SPREAD, making it LOOK like I had started my period!

Even so, to this day I am very grateful to Fred, for "caring" about me, enough to try to "shield" me from a potentially embarrassing event.