Jumping right out of your swim trunks

From: Jimbo

I am 22 now but at the age of sixteen the most embarrassing thing
possible happened to me...

My mom me and my thirteen year old sister who I didnt like much (and vice versa) moved into a two bedroom apartment. The apartment building had a great pool and since I loved swimming, I was in heaven.

It was about four in the afternoon on my first day there and I went out for a swim. The other people in the pool were mostly little kids and their moms, well anyway I had not been out there ten minutes when my sister came out and started swimming too. After a few minutes she swam over to me and bet me five bucks I couldnt swim to the other end of the pool and back in less than thirty seconds. I took her up on it and told her she better have the money.

After she had assured me she did I took my position and spring boarded off the side of the pool - at which point my sister grabbed the sides of my swim trunks and I spring boarded right out of them and ended up butt naked!!

But the worst was yet to come because as you might guess my sister hopped out of the pool and took off with my swim trunks and as I got out of the pool to chase her, I heard outrageous laughter from the kids as well as their moms...I became so embarrassed I just froze like a deer in headlights and just stood their naked for so long that one of the moms gave me her towel and recommended I leave. I finally squirmed off and went inside.

But what really sucks is that my apartment was totally close to the pool and if I had not just stood there for what was probably about a minute the whole thing probably would been over in about ten seconds.

It was about three months before I swam in the pool again.