Caught with my pants down, and more

From: Anonymous

When I was 14, like everyone of that age, I was horny all the time. I had even made a dildo out of an old pom-pom, sickly and strangely enough. I used the little, rubber handle as my play thing.

I had a very private bedroom, the only one on the first stairs, and I had my own bathroom nearby, to I got away with a lot.

I had gone in my bathroom, and I was masturbating, almost ready to have a major orgasm. I heard my mom call downstairs, "Hey, J***** is here!!!" That was my friend, and I guess she had come to invite me to go out and play ball, or something.

I just yelled back, "Could you tell her Ill be right there, Mom?!" No answer. I didnt know then that my mom had already allowed J***** to go down to my room already, and that she was hiding under my bed!!!!!

Before anyone could catch me, I scurried to my room with my pants around my ankles, pom-pom in hand. I closed the door behind me, and leaned against it, "finishing the job". I was sitting there, quietly moaning, got done, and pulled up my pants. I tossed the pom-pom behind my dresser, the usual hiding place. I opened the door to go upstairs to see my friend.

Just as I opened the door, out comes J***** out from under my bed, smiling. "BOO!" she yelled, laughing. I nearly had a heart attack...what had she seen?!?!?!

We hung out the rest of the evening, and she never once let on that she saw me masturbating with a pom-pom handle.........GAWWWWW!!!! I still dont know what she saw, or if she saw anything. The thoughts have rolled through my mind, though, "What if she was under my bed, but facing the wall?" I figured that was the only way she wouldnt have seen! Maybe she was just being nice, and didnt want to embarrass me.

I still dont know, to this day. It was, by far, the most awful thing that happened to me, embarrassment-wise. Scope out the room before doing that kind of thing, thats for sure! Ive said it before and Ill say it again...the early teenage years are HELL!!!!!!