Internet Fun at Work!

From: Silent Sista

This didnt happen to me (THANK GOD!!!), but I was so embarrassed for my sister when she told me, I just had to share it.

My younger sister has always been somewhat of a wild girl, and she has a very perverted sense of humor. Shes pretty crude and loud about sexual and/or kinky things.

Well, she always told me about a certain website she visited often (Im glad I forgot the name of it), and suggested I check it out. I did, and I was literally disturbed. Not only are there pornographic images, but there are terrible and freaky things, too, which I cant even talk about to this day.

I told her I couldnt believe she could look at that junk, and how bothered I was by it, and we never really discussed it again.

One day, I sat at home, and she called me from work. She said she couldnt believe what had just happened. Her voice was shaking, and nothing ever bothers her that much, so I knew it was bad.

She said she had "accidentally" visited that awful website again (???), and was looking at a picture entitled, "F*** of the Month". She said that it was a picture of a woman contorting her body so that she was eating her own feces, basically.

I immediately scolded her, "Why do you look at that crap?!?!?! And I cant believe youd even look at that stuff at work! You are so messed up in the head!!!"

She lowered her voice and said, "I promise Ill never do it again. Ya know what?? I didnt even mean to open the page, and somehow I did, and it just went right to that picture. As soon as it did, the phone rang. When I answered, it was the security supervisor!!! He had seen what I was looking at on the internet!"

My jaw dropped. I cant believe she had gotten caught looking at poo-eating people on a freak work! Even more frightening, is that the security supervisor laughed it off and began FLIRTING with my sister over the phone!

My sister was so humiliated, but Im glad she learned her lesson. She eventually was fired from the job, but not for looking at porn/freak websites, lol.....her attendance was really poor, too.