Tampons and Hockey Skates

From: L.J.76

I started playing ice hockey back in the 80s, when I was 13. Back then, there werent many girls teams, so I played with the big, rough guys. Scary, yes, but fun, too, because I was able to play my favorite sport and flirt with really hot guys at the same time.

One Sunday, I had a very early game. I got up and was bummed to discover my period had started a few days early. So I put in a tampon, and put a couple of extras inside my hockey skate in my bag for safe keeping.

Before the long journey to the rink, we went to pick up my friend, Laura, whom I invited to go the day before. She was really excited to see me play.

At the rink, my friend and mom went to sit down, and I went off to change. Later, my mom came to check on me-she was very anal about punctuality, and she was harrassing me to hurry up with my changing....kinda challenging when your fingers are numb with cold!

She said, "Oh, Lori, I see Keith! (He was the rink attendant) Theres time to get your skates sharpened, if you want." So, I said, "That would be great!" So I picked up my skates and we approached him.

He greeted me, asked if I needed a sharpen, and I said, "Yeah." He was talking and joking with my mom. I had totally forgotten I had stored my tampons in the skates, too.

It was like slow motion...he just sat there talking, and nonchalantly grabbed the skates by the towers (the white part of the skate). Suddenly, two tampons came rolling out of the skate, down to his feet!

I panicked, literally falling to his feet to scoop them up before he or some other hockey player passing by saw. My friend and mom saw, of course, and were already laughing at me, but he saw, too, and joined in.

"What are you doing, putting tampons in your skates?!" My mom asked me. I was so embarrassed, and told her it was so I wouldnt forget where they were.

So they all had a good laugh at my expense. I couldnt really look Keith in the eye after that one.