Caught on the pot

From: Jason

When I was twelve, my cousin invited me to her house for her thirteenth birthday party. I got there, only to discover I was the only boy. That didnt bother me too much, as I was friends with most of them, and didnt have the whole male ego hang up that some guys, even at that age, have.

Anyway, I really had to take a dump, so I went into the house to use the bathroom. The bathroom upstairs was in use, so my aunt told me to use the toilet in the laundry room in the basement. I headed down there, and entered the laundry room.

The toilet sat in a little cubicle next to the washer and ryer, but there was no door--anyone who might come in would see me on the toilet. But, I figured Id hear anyone coming down the stairs, so I went ahead and dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles and sat on the toilet.

I was literally in the middle of my BM when I heard a door open and the sound of girls voices. I froze. My body literally froze, and I couldnt move! The I realized what was happening. The door I had seen as I walked in--and paid no mind to--led to the backyard. The girls were coming in to play in the basement. And here I was, sitting with my pants and Fruit-of-the-Looms around my ankles, bare assed on the toilet taking a dump. Not a very cool way to impress a girl.

I dont know why I didnt jump up and yank up my pants. Wiping my butt could have waited. Not that I would have had any time to anyway. But, I just sat there, knowing I was about to be totally mortified, and deciding to simply deal with it. I should add, that all this thought occurred in the two seconds of time between the door first opening and the first girl glancing to her right.

The first girl was NOT my cousin. If it had been her coming in alone and she had seen me, I could have lived with that. Instead, it was one of my friends from junior high. She looked at me, her eyes bugged out, and she covered her mouth to muffle a guffaw. I heard a "What?" come from a couple of the girls.

"Jasons on the toilet," she said, as though I couldnt hear her. Of course, all six or seven girls had to get a peek at me with my pants down. There was a lot of giggling and whispering in those few moments. Not much moving on, though. These girls seemed fascinated by what they were seeing. I remember the first time I saw a girl on the toilet. I dont remember finding it quite so hilarious.

I just sat there, with a "Okay, get a good look" smile on my face. Finally my cousin herded them into the basement. She leaned back and said, "Sorry, I didnt know you were in here."

Well, now in semi-privacy, I finished my business as quietly as possible. I took time wiping myself, as I knew the inevitable flushing of the toilet would send brand new waves of laughter through my female counterparts. I flushed the toilet, happy that the sound muffled any giggling that might be occurring. I washed my hands, swallowed my pride, and headed into the play room.

I entered the room and was greeted with a wave of side-splitting laughter. Luckily, I found myself laughing along with them. I was usually good at being a sport.

That incident followed me all the way up through high school, and even into college, as one of those girls and I went to the same university. I look back on it now, quite fondly, as it really was funny.

At the time, I wanted to flush myself right down the toilet as well.