I got a turtlehead pokin out!!

From: Erin

i never had probs with constipation until after i had my second child, dont know why. this is the story of my worst episode of constipation!!

one day, an aquaintance from work (not really a friend, she was someone i had recently met) invited me, my husband, and 2 kids over for her stepdaughters birthday party, so the kids could play together.

we were out in the livingroom, visiting with my aquaintance and her husband after the party ended, and i got the worst urge to take a dump.

i excused myself, and went into the bathroom, which was right next to the bedroom where all the kids were playing.

i thought i would just go in there to take a simple dump, but it wasnt to be. the poop came out about an inch, and was totally stuck because it was rock hard. i could not get it out for the life of me, so i grabbed the toilet seat under me and tried to force it out.

minutes passed by, and i was sitting there on the toilet still, with a turd hanging out of my butt part way, unable to get it out. i was pouring sweat and very frustrated.

i sat there, grunting, pulling on the toilet seat with all my might, and finally got some movement. slowly, it started coming out, but then felt like my butthole was ripping apart.

i couldnt help it, i screamed, "OWOWOW!!!!" i wiped and there was blood!!! I heard the kids in the next room get all quiet and someone asked, "who did that?" i was so embarrassed, but at least i finally crapped.

thinking the nightmare was over, i stood up, and looked down. the poop was about 10 inches in diameter and like a foot long!

i thought, "oh my g**", and flushed the toilet. to my horror, though, the poop plugged the toilet! i watch as the water rose and eventually overflowed onto the floor!!!

i panicked, rummaging around for a plunger, and i finally found one. i plunged and finally got it flushed, but then had to clean up the poopy water that was all over the floor and soaking up the bath mats!

i cleaned it the best i could, and went out to face everyone. i was so embarrassed, i cant even tell you....and my butthole hurt like heck.

i went out, and everyone, including my husband was smiling. "uh, are you okay?" my acquaintance asked. i couldnt think of a lie, so i just said, "yeah, i had a really bad stomachache....sorry."

they just nodded, and later my husband told me i was in the bathroom for over a half an hour!!!

it was so embarrassing and i hope if i have to go through that again, i will be at home the next time!!!