Pee BEFORE u go on a date!

From: Anonymous

I had been dating this really cool guy for like 2 weeks, and we finally went out.

We saw "the RING" and i was totally freaked, and i had ordered a HUGE pop, and drunk it all.

Anyway, we were really snuggling tight,like out legs were wrapped around each other, and such. Of course, i had to pee bad, but i didnt want to interupt our snuggling, as it might result in, when i got back, not re-snuggling, so i didnt.

At one point, there was this sudden, out of nowhere, loud noise, and it freaked me out, and, as youve probably guessed, i peed.

But, it wouldnt stop. It was really bad. I was wearing a skirt and so, afer drenching my undies, it trickeled down my legs, and since his legs were wrapped around mine,it trckeled down his, too...

When he felt it,he jumped up, saw my wet skirt, and yelled "did u just pee all over me?" which caused a HUGE disturbance as everyone turned to look at me. He goes "well??!!" so i hav to tell him yes and he yells for me to leave and to not come back. I did, actually, and i had to call for my best friend to pick me up, as i had come in my boyfriends car.








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