Bare Naked Field Trip

From: Anonymous

As a reward for winning a district wide competition, our whole class was taken to the local water park.

I was having a lot of fun until i realize how bad i have to go to the bathroom. I kept putting it off until i was going to burst, then got out of the pool and ran to the outdoor public bathrooms.

Unfortunatly, there was ONE toilet, and there werent seperate bathrooms for the guys and gals, so there was an immensly long line for the bathrooms.

Since i had to go so bad, i ran to the other side of the bathroom (on the opposite side of the pool where everyones stuff was-towels and stuff) cheked to make sure no1 was watching, i pulled down my trunks. Of course they fell to my feet, but it didnt matter, it was an emergency.

Before pee even began trickiling out, i hear a whistle and someone saying to get out of the pool. I ignored it and continued my buisness.

It took almost a minute to get it all out, but when i was done, i turned around (with my trunks still at my ankles and found myself face-to-face with my whole class- the whistle i herd was our teacher telling everyone to come to the "towel area" to get ready to leave, so everyone had seen me do my buisness, and were now seeing me with no pants on at all!

It was mortifying. I stared at everyone for like 2 minutes with my trunks still down and my johnson hanging,before my teacher came around the side of the bathroom and saw me. I finally attemped to wrench them up, but ended up tripping myself and falling out of them completely.

I suppose it was because i was so mortified that no matter how hard i tried, i cudnt get them bak on. I eventually abandoned them, stood up, and slowly walked over to my towel-completely naked-picked it up, walked back over to my trunks, picked them up, and ran to the bathroom.

I finally did get them back on, but since i was a long way from home i had to face them was terrible...

My new motto: Go to the bathroom IN the bathroom....i have yet to live this one down....