I got away with it...

From: hugh jass :)

i got away with this one, but it was still so embarrassing.

i was in 5th grade, and we were taking a big test. everyone was busy working, but i needed a break. so i got up to go to the drinking fountain at the front of the room. now i look back, and i think i may have had ADD. i couldnt sit still or concentrate, but i was really smart and bored with school, at the same time.

the room was set up like this-there was a group of desks on the left side of the room, and a group of desks on the right side, and there was a strip of linoleum that went in between the two groups of desks. the strip extended to the back of the room, where there was a large table with the kids band instruments stored underneath.

when i walked back to my desk, i figured, "hey, why not skip? nobodys even looking!" even the teacher was busy doing something at her desk.

so i proceeded to skip. of course, i tripped, fell on my face and slid right into the instruments at the back of the room near my desk. i was clotheslined by the table, and i hit my forehead very hard on its edge!

i was SO humiliated. i was waiting for the laughs to come, but there were none. i picked up all the instruments i had knocked down and put them back in order, and i slid the table to its original spot, and i turned around, preparing to be laughed at.

i looked around the room. to my utter shock, NOBODY had seen! i made a lot of noise when i hit the table and instruments, too! everyone was so busy with their tests, they didnt know i had bitten it big time! hahahhahahaha-i got away, scot-free!