My Own Fish Tale

From: LoriJ

I briefly worked as a cashier in a high-volume grocery store. I hated working the express lane, but I was told to do so one evening.

One of my very first customers was an elderly gentleman. He laid a humongous, wrapped salmon on the belt, and I was dreading picking it up, because I knew it would be heavy. It was about 3 feet in length. The guy told me he was very excited to throw the fish on the grill and eat it.

Not sure of how to pick up and scan the fish, I just decided to grab each end and drag it across the scanner. When I did this, the paper separated, and the fish slid right out of the plastic bag underneath....right onto the scanner. I panicked, and tried to pick it up, and that only caused it to slide down onto the bags!!!

I backed up, completely in shock. There was a 3 foot salmon, laying there, grinning up at me. Some laughed, some gasped. The gentleman was so cool about it. He just said, "Dont even worry about it. Well just throw it in a bag, and Ill still take it...its okay!!!"

A bunch of co-workers rushed over with cleaning solvent, mops, and paper towels. My manager ran over to ask the customer what he wanted to do. Eventhough he still wanted the fish, she insisted he go pick out a new one.

I apologized profusely, and he was still chill about it.

My dad, who lives one minute from where I worked, also had the perfect timing. He had come in to do some shopping. He walked right by my checkstand to say hi, and saw the fish, "Lori!! What did you do?!?!"

It was awful. I got to spend the next half hour disinfecting the checkstand, and scrubbing my hands. The customer went and got his fish, and a big thing of free ice cream, compliments of the store.

Not a good way to start the shift!!!!!!!!