The Dare

From: Megan

I am 15 years old and have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. Me and him are always messing around and daring each other.

This one day we were at school, we started a round of dares :

I dared him to pull out his penis...he did.
He dared me to flash the guy next to me.I did..

when it got back to my turn, I dared him the biggest dare ever dared!!

I dared him to jerk off while sitting there.

See, the teacher was never looking. He did it adn all a sudden after like 5 mins..I stopped and did my work he said.."Megan! HELP!" in a whisper. I looked over there adn there was all this white stuff ALL over his hands and desk adn pants! I could not stop laughing if my life depended on it! I hurried before everyone looked and threw some glue over to him that was open..he told everyone that glue had gotten all on him.

Everyone still believes that to this day! But after that, we agreed to never dare each other again!