Good little catholic girl

From: Anonymous

When I was 16, my boyfriend and I went with my mother to her grade school reunion. Now mind you, this is the same grade school that I graduated from.....and it is a Catholic school...uniforms....the whole bit!

Anyway....during this reunion, my boyfriend and I snuck up to the top floor bathroom, which was at the opposite end of the school, to have sex. We thought that we could pull it off. So, I lifted up my dress, pulled down by nylons, and proceeded to have sex doggy style in the stall in the bathroom. When we were finished, we walked back down to the party. Well, my mother noticed that we had left....and she asked where we had gone to. Since dinner was ready to be served, I said "We went to the bathroom to wash our hands before dinner was served". She then responded with "Well, I was just in the bathroom, and I didnt see you in there". I said "Well, there were a lot of people in the mens and womens bathrooms waiting for the sinks, so we went to the bathrooms upstairs". She was okay with that response until I walked away from her and headed with my boyfriend towards our table, waiting for our dinner to be served.

Well, she then got a look at me from behind. Then she called my name, and I turned around to see what she wanted, and she said "You just washed your hands"? I said "Yeah, I didnt have to use the toilet.....I just washed my hands, why all the questions". Then she said "Well, did you wash your ass while you were at it". I was so shocked by that question, that I didnt know what to say, so I just gave her a look wondering what the hell she meant by that.

As my luck would have it, what I didnt realize is that when I pulled my nylons back up after having sex, the back of my dress was tucked into them!!! If that wasnt horrifying enough, my nylons were black, and of course you could see through them, and I didnt have any underwear on!

I was grounded for a long time after that episode!








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