Peeing On My Boyfriend

From: Wendy T

I was at the fair with my boyfriend at the time. I had alot to drink that night and I had to pee really bad. the only thing was that we were on a ride. I thought i could hold it but it was just to much to handle.

So I thought, "well, Im on my period and Im wearing a pad so the pad will soak up some of the pee." Boy, was I wrong. I ended up peeing on him and myself.

After we got off the ride everyone was looking at me. I could have died. To make matters worse my boyfriend told me he couldnt be with someone who cant control it when they have to go. I havent heard from him since that night when he left me at the fair.

Ill tell you one thing: I havent gone to a fair since then and Im not planning to go to another ever again.








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  • Anon from Scotland


    When I was in primary school (I was aged 10), I had a really bad peeing problem! It was just mostly things that I found hilarious, I'd pee a little in my pant uncontrollably. Disgusting, right? Anyways, my best friend and I had to perform a song in front of my whole class... but being the 'naughty' girls that we were, we changed some of the words to 'Poo', 'Butt', 'PeePee' etc. which by that age, I thought were pretty bad curse words and absolutely hilarious -no clue why-. Anyways, we started to perform our song and near the end, I couldn't stop laughing but tried my best to hold my pee in. By the end of the song, my friend was supposed to pick me up and spin me round... but by this point, I had laughed so much that I had tears, couldn't breath properly and unstoppable peed myself. It was as if I was having a mental breakdown! I was so embarrassed as my friend continued to spin me around, my pee was dripping from my tights and flying around everywhere! Worst part was, my class mates had to sit in a semi circle surrounding 'the stage', so they were all definitely in the 'splash zone'! I tried to stop the pee from escaping by using my left hand as a cup and holding it near my pants... my teacher then noticed what was happening and took my WET hand and led me to the school office toilets to get changed into new clothes. So embarrassed right up until this day... oh and did I mention my 'friend' had never spoken to me once after that performance. Oh man! :(