Nudist Camp Surprise

From: Robert E

One weekend, my wife and I decided to arrive at a nudist resort (to which we belonged) on a Saturday morning. When we drove onto the property (locked by a combination padlock on the entrance gate), we parked the car and she headed off to the swimming pool, to work on her sunburn.

I headed into the clubhouse, because I was going to remove my clothes in there, then sit in the sauna for a little while and cleanse myself of all the 'free radicals' my body had stored.

Well, as I walked into the clubhouse, I noticed that the place was packed with people, and all of them were nude! And why wouldn't they be? After all, this was a nudist resort, and the whole idea is to 'go nude,' right?

I suddenly realized that everyone in the clubhouse suddenly stopped whatever it was they were doing, and just stared at me, as if I was some kind of freak! No one said a word, until a little girl said to her Mommy, in a barely audible voice, 'How come that man has his clothes on? Isn't he one of us?'

Her mother said, 'Shhhhhhhhh! Don't stare!' I was so embarrassed, being the only dressed person in the entire room, I wanted to fall down and die, immediately. I couldn't believe that I was actually blushing!

I quickly started taking off my clothes in front of everyone, saying, 'It's OK folks! It's just me, Robert! I'll 'join' you in just a second!' My clothes quickly fell to the floor and once I looked like everyone else, the others went back to whatever it was they were doing, as though nothing had happened.

As I stood there, gathering up my clothes off the floor, a buddy walked up to me, saw that I was still blushing from my embarrassment, and said, 'A unique experience, was it not?'

'Yes, it was that, all right! But just why was I so embarrassed? I can't believe how I felt! It was as if I was the only one nude, and everyone else was dressed! But it was the exact opposite of that situation, so why did I react, as I did?'

My learned friend smiled as he put his arm around one of my shoulders and whispered, 'Because you were different.'

'What?????' I didn't fully understand what he was saying.

He repeated the thought by saying, 'You didn't look like the rest of us, so everyone instinctively stared at the "different person" in the room, and that person, suddenly aware that he was different, was embarrassed by being different. So, he blushed, just as if he had been the only nude person in a room packed with dressed people!' I was astounded by his explanation, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made to me. I was different, and that was the cause of my embarrassment.