From: Jo

I was at my school disco and i was wearin a boob tube and becuase i am a rocker i was with one girlfriend and lots of boys. then nirvana teen spirit came on and we all started too jump up and down and coz i was wearin a boob tube you dont need to wear a bra, any way at the end of the song, noe of my mates (that i had a crush on) had said "god jo they are big!" looking down and saw that my top had come below my boobs, so i ran to the bog and stayed in there for five mins then went to the other side of the hall so they wouldnt see me!

That was so embarrassing..Now my mates always bring it up everytime before a disco! :)








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  • Sheva Boro


    Me and my friends were at a dance when out of the blue my ex bf was there greeting me. We both started to dance, and he just suddenly stared at me... Just after I asked him what was wrong, he pointed right at my bra. "Man, you have a nice set there." I looked down and my boobs were hanging out of my bra. I quickly turned away and slid them back in. After the dance we got hooked up again and he still gets to see them casually and i love it!
  • addie: (+1) wow poor u ...


    wow poor u
    my storie is once i was swimming with my boyfriend and i was wearing a realy small bikini.i dived of a diving bored and went under water.i climed out of the pool and my boyfriend said wow those are big i looked down and my bikini had gone up i was so so embarrased.

  • Rachel: wats a bog?...


    wats a bog?
    and to stef mates r friends boob tubes are i think tube tops nd idk (i dont no) wat the other 2 r