From: Audrey D

Me and my boy friend went to lagoon one summer. I was wearing my bikini top and shorts, and he said "lets go on the roller coaster that takes your picture". I love roller costers so I couldnt disagree. We sat by each other and he put his arm around me and we were off. Right before the picture was taken I felt my bikini come loose and i looked down and it was gone!!!

My boyfriend took my bikini off and my boobs were showing!! then FLASH the picture was taken. when i got off the ride my boyfriend said "whoops I droped your bikini" so I didnt have anything to cover myself with. I ran to the place you see your pictures and then I saw it. My big boobs in the picture. Every one was buying a copy. A preety cute guy came up to me and said will you autograph my picture?

I ran away to the gift shop and bought a white t-shirt. my boy friend said he was sorry and asked me if i wanted to go on the log flume, i said sure! (STUPID,STUPID) well we went on it and at the end when you get splashed I got soaked. then i relized I wasnt wearing a bra and i was wearing a white t-shirt!

My boobs were showing through!! He was just setting me up!! I left him there and never saw him again!!








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  • Jordie


    i hav a pic of u
    i enlarged it and stuck it on my wall.
    every night i kiss u on ur lips and lick ur boobs.

    and im a girl!

    if u wan me 2 do dat in real lyf:

  • vivi vang: wow..
    vivi vang