An Unexpected Moisturizing

From: Wanda

When I was 2 months pregnant a few years back, we were going to Mexico for a trip. I hated flying and knew it was gonna be hell getting on a plane, but I knew it was better than staying home.

We were on the plane, and it was this tiny, little, skinny plane. It was like sitting in a hollowed-out pencil. I was uncomfortable right away.

I got the luck of being squished between my husband on the right and a complete stranger on the left-this middle-aged guy who read about 800 magazines. My husband offered his window seat, but I was too scared to look outside of the plane.

Being 2 months pregnant, I was nauseated constantly and had to pee all the time. I kept having to get up throughout the 5 hour flight. I knew I was pushing the stranger guys buttons, but I couldnt help it!!

I was trying to hold it as much as I could, but still ended up having to pee about every 15 minutes. I was asking the poor guy to get up that often. He was clearly getting annoyed, but remained composed and gracious.

Just as we were to land in Houston, I decided I should lotion up. Ive always had very dry skin and I use a ton of lotion. I pulled my big bottle of cocoa butter out of my bag.

I had forgotten that with the pressure in the cabin, the lotion would balloon up and explode when I flipped the little lid.

Well, thats exactly what happened. I flipped the little lid, and blam-o!!! Lotion squirted all over that guys face, arms, and shirt!!!!!!

After all I had put him through, I had to put the icing on the cake and squirt lotion all over him!!!!! I wanted to die.

He kinda gritted his teeth, but still forced a smile. I apologized up and down, and he was like, "Okay, its okay, its okay." I sat there, as we landed, wiping lotion off of some strange guys face and body!!!!!!! My husband just shook his head in embarrassment. No doubt, that poor guy was very excited to get off that flight!!!!!!!!!!!!!