Wanna see my tattoo?

From: Shelly B

This is an embarrassing moment for my husband.

At the time he was a blind date. We went out with some friends of ours who hooked us up together. We were in a Kareoke Bar and the place was packed. I wasn't to thrilled about him and I was pretty cocky. He spend the whole time talking about work and I was tired of it.

I asked him if he wanted to see my Tweety bird tattoo. My girlfriend said "Oh yeah show him your tattoo! He'll love it." He said okay and I said it's on my butt! The whole place got quiet! I started to pull down my pants and asked if he saw it.

He said no. So I pulled them down a bit more. "Do you see it?"
So I pulled them down farther. (By then I had a whole room full of an audience. They were all gathered around)

He gets down off his stool and looks really close at my butt and I ask if he sees it. By this time he is getting a bit embarrassed and says again. "no"

So I say "Dammit my pussy must have ate it!"

He was so red! The whole place was laughing!

We have now been married 6 years with 2 kids and to this day he still buys me Tweety birds.