An Unexpected Visit

From: Lady J

My Freshman year at college I had been seeing the really hot guy for a quarter and we were getting busy like rabbits all the time. You know the whole scrunchie on the doorknob, roommate warning, when you are entertaining? Well I may have over used it a little.

One morning my parents were coming for a visit. I had already went jogging and showered with my boyfriend, who had stayed the night. He convinced me to have a quicky because they weren't due for another hour. I put the scrunchine on the doorknob that morning, cause my roommate was out at breakfast or working out or something.

I had already gotten dressed but not yet dried my hair, so I just removed my undies and hiked up my skirt for easy access. The quickie was going on for about 10 minutes or so, and it was great as usual. Since we were dating exclusively for 3 months and I was on the pill, we weren't using condoms. This wasn't a big deal until about 5 seconds into enjoying the afterglow, I heard talking and noise outside the room.

I guess my roommate was starting to get a little upset by me 'locking' her out of the room too much. Because my parents got to my dorm about 9:30am and (they said it would be around 10:30am) I heard my door unlocking and people coming in. Holy crap!

I didn't want my parents to see me doing this guy (piercings, tatoos, long hair) or any guy, because they have never known me to be sexually active. I told my boyfriend to hide in the closet, I flopped my knee length skirt down, sort of straightened up, and left the bedroom area to greet them.

I hugged my mother, then as I reached up on my toes to hug my father I glared at my roommate behind him. Just then, I felt some "leakage" and the man-juice dropped straight to the floor making a small "glop" sound! I don't think anyone heard the sound. (perhaps it was only in my mind) I stepped back from the hug with my father and tried to motion everyone around it, but we were still in the area of walking through the doorway. I never saw it directly, but I knew it was probably a lot -- cause that guy always had a lot to offer.

Fortunately both my parents walked around the cum drop without noticing and into the main area of the dorm. However my roommate walked in last giving me a look like, "haha jerk" and she totally stepped in, and slipped on the goo! OMG she fell with a scream right on her rear!

My dad was all involved with helping her up and asking her if she was okay, while I grabbed a nearby towel and tried to suppress my laughter. He was all like, "what is this?" Having seen my share of movies, I quickly said "I'm so sorry, I must have dropped some conditioner out of my hair."

Having still had wet hair, no one questioned the incident. After quickly getting ready (read: going to the bathroom, putting some panties on and wiping my crotch) My parents and I went on the generic, campus tour. I could not wait to tell my boyfriend about The Incident, But I never told my roommate! ;-)