Caught Naked

From: Billy

In 7th grade during our Spring break, I was shoved and locked out of the boy's community pool shower room totally naked by four of five roudy older teenage boys for no reason at all (I didn't even know them; guess they just thought it would be funny, I was the only one around who was already naked, having just finishing up my shower). As I tried to make my way back around to the locker room through corridors and hallways I was unfamiliar with, I made a wrong turn or two and got briefly lost. Then, all of a sudden, I felt two, hard sharp, stinging, bare-hand spanks on my butt.

As first, I rubbed myself in pain and shock, but was soon face-to-face with the mid-30ish mother of my classmate, Jenny. The woman scolded me for 'prancing aroung exposing myself'.

Worse, before I was able to cover my, well, equipment, I realized that Jenny was standing on the other side of me, grinning from ear to ear before bursting out into laughter!

When I tried to cover myself with my hands, Jenny's mom said something like, 'Keep your hands at your side, young man. If you didn't want to be seen, you wouldn't be out here in the hall. Now, explain to me just what you think you're doing walking around her like that!'

I tried to plead, 'But, Jenny's looking at me..'

That response got something like, 'She's got two younger brothers. You don't have anything she hasn't seen already. Now, start explaining yourself.'

[Next week, back at school, that comment by her mom was wickedly twisted by Jenny, who said to the other girls, 'Yeah. And what Billy has isn't any bigger than theirs, either.']

I then explained the situation (which seemed like it took forever, even though it was probably no more than three or four minutes, with my hands at my side as per instructed (probably just out of a reflective respect for a classmate's mom), much to Jenny's lasting amusement.

Afterwards, Jenny's mom apologized to me for the surprising spanking she had given me (but not for forcing me to stay and stand there nude in front of Jenny). The apology in no way lessened my embarrassment; in fact, having to explain the situation with details and answer her questions about who pushed me out in the hall, when, etc., simply meant I was standing there totally nude, totally exposed in front of Jenny even longer. [Totally humiliating, too - especially since having just taken a cold shower there was a certain, you know, part of me that had shrunk even smaller than it normally was!]

Jenny's mom then sent Jenny to get me a towel. She naturally came back with something that couldn't even wrap completely around me and several other girls (who thankfully I did NOT know) saw the foolish site of me trying to keep as much as me covered as possible as Jenny and her mom then walked me back towards the hall leading to the boy's locker room.

Jenny even wanted to take the towel away from me to return it to the front desk! But, her mom said smirking that, no, I could manage do that later when I left. The rowdy boys were by then, long gone and never, to my knowledge got punished; I never saw them again and never found out who they were. Jenny's mom said they'd wait in the hall until I got safety dressed. (Jenny sarcastically asked if I needed any help; her mom even laughed a bit at that).

But, I think that just as or even more embarrassing than being totally nude in front of my female classmate and the swats I got on my bare butt by her mom, was the following week back at school when Jenny teased me in front of the other girls at school about the incident and how she was now comparing notes with another girl who had also briefly seen me accidentally nude on an earlier occasion.

Believe me, it wasn't fun when yet another girl in my class asked them to her what she saw and Jenny answered, 'Well, there really wasn't much to see.'