Caught Naked

From: Billy

In 7th grade during our Spring break, I was shoved and locked out of the boy's community pool shower room totally naked by four of five roudy older teenage boys for no reason at all (I didn't even know them; guess they just thought it would be funny, I was the only one around who was already naked, having just finishing up my shower). As I tried to make my way back around to the locker room through corridors and hallways I was unfamiliar with, I made a wrong turn or two and got briefly lost. Then, all of a sudden, I felt two, hard sharp, stinging, bare-hand spanks on my butt.

As first, I rubbed myself in pain and shock, but was soon face-to-face with the mid-30ish mother of my classmate, Jenny. The woman scolded me for 'prancing aroung exposing myself'.

Worse, before I was able to cover my, well, equipment, I realized that Jenny was standing on the other side of me, grinning from ear to ear before bursting out into laughter!

When I tried to cover myself with my hands, Jenny's mom said something like, 'Keep your hands at your side, young man. If you didn't want to be seen, you wouldn't be out here in the hall. Now, explain to me just what you think you're doing walking around her like that!'

I tried to plead, 'But, Jenny's looking at me..'

That response got something like, 'She's got two younger brothers. You don't have anything she hasn't seen already. Now, start explaining yourself.'

[Next week, back at school, that comment by her mom was wickedly twisted by Jenny, who said to the other girls, 'Yeah. And what Billy has isn't any bigger than theirs, either.']

I then explained the situation (which seemed like it took forever, even though it was probably no more than three or four minutes, with my hands at my side as per instructed (probably just out of a reflective respect for a classmate's mom), much to Jenny's lasting amusement.

Afterwards, Jenny's mom apologized to me for the surprising spanking she had given me (but not for forcing me to stay and stand there nude in front of Jenny). The apology in no way lessened my embarrassment; in fact, having to explain the situation with details and answer her questions about who pushed me out in the hall, when, etc., simply meant I was standing there totally nude, totally exposed in front of Jenny even longer. [Totally humiliating, too - especially since having just taken a cold shower there was a certain, you know, part of me that had shrunk even smaller than it normally was!]

Jenny's mom then sent Jenny to get me a towel. She naturally came back with something that couldn't even wrap completely around me and several other girls (who thankfully I did NOT know) saw the foolish site of me trying to keep as much as me covered as possible as Jenny and her mom then walked me back towards the hall leading to the boy's locker room.

Jenny even wanted to take the towel away from me to return it to the front desk! But, her mom said smirking that, no, I could manage do that later when I left. The rowdy boys were by then, long gone and never, to my knowledge got punished; I never saw them again and never found out who they were. Jenny's mom said they'd wait in the hall until I got safety dressed. (Jenny sarcastically asked if I needed any help; her mom even laughed a bit at that).

But, I think that just as or even more embarrassing than being totally nude in front of my female classmate and the swats I got on my bare butt by her mom, was the following week back at school when Jenny teased me in front of the other girls at school about the incident and how she was now comparing notes with another girl who had also briefly seen me accidentally nude on an earlier occasion.

Believe me, it wasn't fun when yet another girl in my class asked them to her what she saw and Jenny answered, 'Well, there really wasn't much to see.'










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  • roberto rivera


    hello my name is ROBERTO my EMBARRASSING was i just came back from work there was no body home so i went to my room and i got naked to take a shower so i walk naked to the bathroom from my room but i did not no that my sister and her friend just came back from school my went out to get some thing her friend was just looking at the house she walk to the room next to my room i came out of the bathroom i walk back to my room my sister friend walk in to my room i did not no she was there looking at me for 15 min she was looking at my back side my ass i bent over to get some thing then i saw her i got up and i turn around and she was just looking at me she look down at me and saw my dick her face was red real red her mouth was all the way open for 10 min she was just looking at it then she look up at me she turn around and she run out of my room fast she was saying oooh my god my god my god later that day my sister send that her friend tell her that she never see some thing like that i was a little embarrassing that was my first time i got caught naked and by a 13 year old girl that was my embarrassing day i hop she do not tell her other friends well that it bye from roberto
  • Lexie


    Hey I'm Lexie:) there is this black girl at my high school (we were friends) but she called 1 of my best friends fat! So I called her and we got into a fight at school and I was suspended for 2 days! Anyways now she is telling everybody she saw me naked and the whole school is asking me if it's true and I went up to her today infrint of everybody and said "Wow you really got me you only making yourself look like a LESBIAN. Because you probably liked what you saw if you can't stop talking about it" oh she was so embarrassed!!!! This girl is like 6 foot 9 and I'm only 5.8!!!! Dang it was a good day:)
  • Perry Wright


    would like advice on how to make them stop teasing me on it. Hi I'm 17 and it was my first week of college and after the 3 days of becoming friends with ppl I held a party at mine my parents were out but my 14 and 12 yr old brothers was in and yes I'm ginger and ppl at college had been taking the mick out of me calling me carrot top and fire crotch I always denied having really bright red pubes. Anyways after having a few drinks we decided to get into my pool obviously boys web in boxers girls in bras etc it was a cold night so when we got out the pool a certain bag had shrunk we went into the kitchen to get more drinks my brothers was there and he decided to be a complete D**k and pull down my wet pants infront off my mates. I'm not gunna lie I don't have the biggest off packages but because of the cold it had shrunk and shriveled even more to bout 3 inches and it dint even look. Ike I had balls. Everyone laughed and some took a picture after denying I wasn't ginger down there and actually I am very ppl made such a huge deal out of it and posted the pic on fb so everyone from college and secondary thinks I have a small penis after he pulled them down I was so in shock I just looked at everyone for a min or two what made is worse was my youngest Bro then slapped my wet bum so hard it was unbelievibly embarrassing I'm 17 and got showed up by my 14yr old brother I yelled out in a high pitched voice and everyone saying my balls haven't dropped and that's when the worse thing happened... I wet my self in complete shame after my brothers both said wow u have a a tiny penis ever sice that I have been both there slave cuz they just tag team on me and always try and pull my trousers down now its just become annoying I can't show my face at college with out that incident or picture getting brought up and shown
  • Qwertyuiopasdfghjklz


    Okay I have had a really embarrassing moment with nudity. I was on the high dive at this one lake and of course me and my friends were putting rocks in our swimsuit pockets to throw them off of the high dive. They eventually made me go off and before I jumped my dick got really hard. It loosened my bathing suit and you could see my stuffy popping up because of my suit being kinda tight. Well I got pushed off and landed with my feet down in a pencil dive. My bathing suit had been so loose that it had fallen off and the rocks inside of my pocket made my suit sink down to the bottom. I was now naked and the water was too murky for me to see my suit, but at least no one could see my dick. So I looked down and sure enough you could see a few feet of water. My hard on was showing and I was embarrassed because I was not yet fully grown at the time and I was still getting pubic hair on my dick, which was 4 inches stiff (yes I measured it, but who doesn't want to know how long their sick is). I began to swim towards the shore, but my friends dragged me back into the water and when they felt me they knew I was nude, so they told Me to go on the high dive, I refused but they said they would make Me get out. My 'friends' now told me they had a plan to help me. I ignored them and swam to shore to yell for my mom, but she was asleep and did not hear me. My friends then dug a little hole near the water and offered to cover me by burying me. I put a hand on my crotch and lied down. They slowly buried my waist so a few people would see me and then patted wet sand all around me. Now I was completely buried and could not move. My 'friends' then left me there and all of a sudden I saw them dig a hole in the big pile of sand. It was around my waist and then I saw one of hem reach in and pull out my balls and dick. I called him a molester for touching my dick and balls, but he ignored me and left. Many people hen walked by and laughed at the size of my pale white and shriveled up dick. Then finally, someone came to me. A boy a few hers older than me with a few girls walked by and stopped. The boy pretended to help me out and then flicked my dick. For some reason I got a boner and swore at him. Soon after, a man came to undid me and it was awkward because he was about 50 or so and I could tell that he was getting an erection after digging out some naked kid. I thanked him adnd tried to cover myself as I grabbed a towel and ran to the locker room. I was alone so i showered off the sand and was disgusted that some other men came right next to me and washed off nude. Worst moment ever and extremely gross
  • The bitch


    Lol I would have jacked off while she was talking to you and when she told Jenny to get a towel I would have said no ty and if she did bring the small towel I would have covers my but not my balls. Lol jk

    Anyway something like that happened to me before and I had to explain It to a parent but it was a really mean son and the parent told him to walk me back and when he did he ripped the towle right off of my and left it on the floor and led me back to the locker rooms with my hands held behind my back the longest way he could were a few girls saw me. Then when I first put on my undeadwear and nothing ells he gave me a huge wedgie then grabbed the leg holes and hung then from two hooks in a locker. Hey then took my clothes and locked them in his locker. I hung here for 30 minutes. It turns out someone was using that locker hat hadn't closed it all the way. He was also very. Mean and said something like "here let ne help you" he let me out and gave me a huge frontal wedgie and hung me the same way but in the front and closed his locker. I was let out by a janitor 20 minutes later. The janitor laughed at me and I had to wait in my underwear outside the door while he cleaned until he was done cleaning and he let ne back in. I asked if he could get my clothes out of the other locker but he said he didnt know whose locker that was and couldn't unlock it. So I sat in there for a few minutes until the kid came back again and gave me a scarecrow wedgie with one of his friends that took ne 5 minutes to get out of. He had left and all me clothes were still locked in his locker so I had to walk home in my underwear. But when I stept outside the kid who had changed me from a normal to a frontail was standing there and he pansted me so I was naked and threw me into the pool. Everyone laughed at me and I had to get out and run home naked because he threw my underwear on the roof and they had gotten stuck. A week later I and I had drove by the pool I could still see my underwear hanging from the roof.

    Worst day of my life.
  • the chosen one lol


    heres how to make it all right-

    put them on the defense, not u
    (make them seem like that there pathetic, etc)
    like when they were laughing say "oh, so ur afraid of showing ur body? thats pretty sad. . ."

    keep ur cool. if u laugh along with it and stuff then it wont seem as funny.
    tease them urself, like "i bet u liked that."
    or "wanna see that again?"
    "i can go all night"
    "i learned the ropes, experienced it myself. would u like me to prank u aswell?"

    i can see this happened a while ago, and the girls are only laughing cause they dont know what else to do LOL. im not joking, seriously

    if u want revenge on jenny have one of ur friends play a prank.

  • BBB: (+1) WOW...




  • Anonymous: Bitch


  • Tim


    In eight grade, I was caught naked an eight grade boy, by our male gym teacher. He had just graduated from college. It was his first teaching position. All the girls were hot for him and so were a lot of the boys.
    What saved our necks was that he also was the uncle to my nude friend. Instead of turning us in, he had us stop over at his house after school,
    When we arrived at his house, he decided to shower. He walked nude down the hall, telling us to make ourselves comfortable. My friend started undressing saying that his uncle loves to have him nude.Our teacher returned drying his hair and just as naked and on the bone as my friend. I felt foolish being the only person still dressed.
    My teacher bet that I wanted to know what naked boys could do together.
  • peter


    The same thing happened to me at a school sport outing to a pool. the other boys too all my clothes and towel out of the change room and left me there. they called through the door saying my clothes were in the pool and i had to go get them myself. something lie 100 boys and girls all saw me go out, jump naked into the far, deep end of the pool and have to swim out to get my things. AND I was the only one that got into trouble!
  • Devin g


    i can top that, one day at school after gym i go shower so i put my clothes in my locker but the mistake was that i didnt lock it, so im showering and when i turn around i see a girl staring at my dick, i run and look for a towel but they took them all even my clothes, she comes back with another girl, they take my picture and run off. DAMIT! i then get pushed out in the hallway and then split seceond a teacher walks up 2 me and starts yelling and a hole bunch of my friends start laughing. the next day i found out some guy planed the hole thing. i got mad and kicked his ****** ass. now i cant show my face around the girls anymore.
  • JesseStorm


    a sotry like that happened to me once i was in 8th grade almost 9th. after swimming, i was showering off and got forced out of the locker room. i was trying to get around to the other door but then i found "Jenny", well she found me. i dont know if it was my age or because i liked her but somthing "popped up" and she noticed. she grabbed my arm and pulled it away so she could see, with a smile on her face she pulled me to the girls batheroom. and well... thats when i lost my virginity, so i walked back smiling to the boys locker room in pink short shorts. i became quite popular after that. sorry for you misfortune billy. maybe if her mom wasnt there you could have got a smile on your face too ^^
  • Ciaran


    @ author bad luck mate
    this jenny girl sounds like a bit of a bitch lol
    and it's probably lucky that you didn't have an "even bigger" problem on your hands

    @john doe
    what are you a gay pervert?
  • his dick was massive: about 4 inches
    his dick was massive


    about 4 inches
  • Geff


    I was pushed out of the park districts pool lockerroom naked when I was 13. I was embarrassed being naked with an erection. When the teenage boys in the park saw me, they all cheered.
    My 19 year old uncle came along with a beach towel and wrapped me in it. He then took me to grandma's house. Thank goodness, she was not home when we entered. We went to my uncle's bathroom and my he joined me in the shower. I had not seen him naked since grandma stopped putting us in the tub, 6 years ago. I was surprised to see how big and the hair around his dick.
    What started as an embarrassing moment, turned to the best day of my life. I was naked with my naked uncle. (both of us now had erections) I was no longer embarrassed, but now proud to show my hard on. I don't know who seduced who, all I know is that I became my uncle's lover. That was 10 years ago.
    Both of us were virgins, except for our hands. We have never played with any one else.
    P.S. Grandma is the only one that knows. She came home early one day from work and found us. She gave us a hugged and sent us to my uncle's room.
  • kudrjash666: comment6


  • Jeremy


    I was in 8th grade, and went to the bathroom. I took too long and my teacher came to check on me. I was at the urinal with my pants and shorts down at my ankles when he walked in on me. by the way, he was 21 and just out of college. He told me to finish and come back to class. He didn't yell or try to embarrass me. He kept me after class and ask if I did that everyday. I was worried that he would tell mom, but he assured me that it would remain secrete. It was a year before I was able to tell him, that he caued the problem.
  • Sarah


    Oh yeah, coz he's gonna have a camera with him whilst standing butt naked in public. Oh, and of course he's gonna want pictures so he can never forget the incident and show assholes like you that not everything you read is automatically a lie. GROW SOME BRAINS!!

    Oh, and unlucky, but why the hell would jennys mum just come up and spank you, I mean, that's just wrong and perverted, especially as she made you stand there flashing your thing off

    That does make it seem unbelievable, I've gotta say
  • Mine was similar


    I was 14, and had to goto gym with the 12-year olds since I had missed a previous gym lesson.

    Afterwards, we had to shower. This was done naked of course. I always found this embarrassing as I was very interested in nudity and in other seeing other boys all naked.

    After the showers I was in the dressing room and this 12 year old was standing in front of me. His penis was hanging down, small, pointy at the end, with his balls all tight, and he had no pubic hair yet, and I kept looking at how it was swinging from left to right. I was trying not to look but that made it even more exciting to look.

    I was very excited by this and then it happened: right there in the room I got a huge hardon. I was fully developed. And I was trying to get dressed as soon as I could but that was not soon enough to stop the entire class staring and howling. While that was going on the teacher came in and wanted to know what was going on. He saw.

    He dragged me, still naked, into his office to lecture me on how it was not done to confront the younger boys with an erection. As though it was my fault!!

    And I was standing there naked and the other boys were looking at me through the glass of his office, and that made me even harder. I was blushing like a beet, but got harder and harder and my penis was standing up at a 45 degree angle. Then he looked at me and saw, and said "you are a big boy, go get dressed",a nd sent me out. I had to run teh gauntlet of 20 12 year old boys hooting and howling at my erect member.

    I was so embarrassed, mortified. And the whole school knew about me being, as they called it, "a homo". I never lived that down.
  • Anonymous: BIG DICK


  • anonymous


    I agree with the last two comments. What that girls mom did to you was sexual abuse and physical abuse (not to mention complete and utter embarrassment, which is why you wrote this great story in the first place right? lol)and acts like that should be brought to justice. You should have had that woman arrested for hitting you and putting you through humiliation. What was she getting out of that enjoyment and who was she to tell you what to do? She wasnt even YOUR mom. Geez!!! Okay I admit it was a funny story I will give you that much. I actually give it a six, (not on the board though lol)
  • Anonymous


    I know it's probably no comfort for your humiliation, but this is the best story I've
    read on this site, hands down. Plenty of these stories are about embarrassing nudity, but yours is the only one where the subject gets swats to his exposed buttocks from a Grand Inquisitor.

    That said, the good person inside of mecan't believe what an awful woman Judy's mom is, and I'll bet her daughter will turn out the same way! She behaved totally inappropriately and you could get her in serious trouble, I think, as she touched you suggestively, and forced you to be exposed longer than needed (and couldn't even get you a proper towel!)

    Also, another girl saw you nude on another occasion? You have terrible luck (or a latent tendency for exhibitionism? Sorry.)