Problems with toys

From: Lady J

Ugh, I have have been embarrassed repeatedly by vibrators.

Well, there was the time I had termites in my room, and had my boyfriend-at-the-time and my roommate came in to check out where they were
coming from. One of the guys got up on my bed to check the top of the window for cracks, tilting the headboard of my bed a bit, and my vibrator came rolling out right onto the bed. We all just stood there a second, speechless, then the
two of them cracked up so hard I thought they were going to wet themselves.

And then there was the time my fiance-at-the-time (same boyfriend, now husband) helped me move my stuff from my dorm room to my mom's. We'd backed the truck into the garage and were just starting to unload stuff while she was there standing and talking with us. She asked what that odd buzzing noise was coming from the back of the truck. His quick reply was "alarm clock". Somehow the
thing had switched itself on during the trip. It was all I could do to keep from laughing - how he kept a straight face, I'll never know.

Just for your amusement, here are two more:

My husband and I are staying at a Red Roof Inn and we're in the shower with a vibrator having fun. He got me into using toys, and we have ...mastered the art... of really having me enjoy them. Just when we finish I go to set it down on the top of the corner of the shower enclosure. Little did I know, that there wasn't really a flat surface there. It was instead hollow, and the vibrator fell between the corner of the wall and the shower enclosure! I lost my college vibrator at a Red Roof Inn.

On a post 9/11 trip to Las Vegas, I was embarrassed, yet again. Since we live on the east coast, we had to fly. Since there is increased security and baggage checking, I decided not to put my vibrator (Hitachi Wand rechargeable) in my carry on luggage, instead put it in my checked baggage. I didn't want to be embarrassed going through the metal detectors.

Well low and behold the airport staff was randomly checking suitcases. Here we are standing in line ready to check our bags and this security lady grabs us out of the line and has up put our bags on a table so her personel could look through it. This other woman with rubber gloves unzips all the pockets and the main compartment and starts feeling around. Out of pure bad luck she bumps the vibrator's on button and it starts buzzing in the middle of the luggage. (I had it buried in the center of all my clothes) My husband just rolls his eyes and says, "I told you not to bring that"

Of course she grabs her walkie-talkie and says some code into it. Her supervisor comes over and she reaches into my packed clothes and pulls out my clothes and stares at it! WTF?! I'm saying to her the whole time, "No that's not necessary, it's my back massager!" But she didn't listen. The supervisor (a man) sees it, turns beat red, and hurriedly my clothes back on top of it and closes my suitcase.

There are all these people looking at us, pointing and laughing. Damn that was embarrassing!