Atomic Wedgie!!

From: Brooke

I'm a junior and me and my friends are constantly embarrassing each other in public. So I should have know better than to go to school on my birthday. But I at least knew enough not to wear a skirt..One of our popular moves is to lift each others skirts when we're talking to boys.

So anyway, the day's going fine until gym class. We all change and go into the gym for some lame games. I hate gym. But as I'm laying on the mat warming up my friends dive on me. Before I know it I'm pinned down on my stomach with my best friend sitting on my back. Then I hear her yell "How many spankings does Brooke get?" There were about 30 other of my classmates there who all started cheering as my friend started spanking me 16 times. But then after the last spank I felt her hands reach under my shorts as one of the guys yelled "wedgie time!" As at once she pulled my panties out of my shorts and proceeded to give me the longest and hardest wedgie I've ever had. All I could hear was everyone hooting and hollering as I laid helpless getting an atomic wedgie. It must have lasted a full minute before my panties ripped.

For the rest of the day all I heard was "nice panties Brooke" as I went to the rest of my classes.









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  • Wedgie996: (-6) My first sex story!...


    My first sex story!
    I was 15 at the time, and i was the least popular girl in the school but i was fu**ing hot! So these two hot as H*** guys started flirting me. So this one guy grabbed my arm and brung me into the showers. He started humping me and making out with me! He was hot and i liked it! But then... these teachers bust in, but not where we were. I got nervous when he grabbed my shirt and ripped it off. and my bra, and skirt AND panties! I was naked! So he got undressed and pinned me and started having sex with his GIANT penis. Then the teachers opened the curtan and saw him f*cking me. Then, he tied up together with a rope! i know. And tossed us in teh hallway in fucking position
  • Alanna


    This is my wedgie thong story ok so in school it was P.E. because I'm only in 7th grade we were in a big room we had a punching bag my friends unhooked the punching bag and stripped me naked except thong any bra my friends were girls the guys were in the other room where they practiced the hooked up my thong to the punching bag hook where they unhooked the punching bag they took me because I was the smallest our teacher was eating lunch and our coach was idk where she was. One at a time they ran jumped on me and hung on me so their weight and my weight would pull on my wedgie thong all the girls did that 2 times and they ripped my thong next they started spanking me.
  • Brooke: (-1) Lol awesome name(:...


    Lol awesome name(:
    but sorry to hear bout that, hope tha rest of your
    day was a really good birthday!!!:D
  • NAM


    2 things
    1. why are you friends if all you do is embarrass each other?
    and 2. I AM HOMESCHOOLED!!!!! yay
  • bobavitz: u suck


    u suck
  • connor


    im a boy and mmy girlfriend who always used to b nice came up to me 1 day b 4 skool and said turn around so i did cuz she is nice and gave me an atomic wedgie and than hung me on a flag pole and took me down 10 mins. later than in gym class my teacher a girl took me by my underwear and she's a hot gym teacher and said how long should i hang connor on the coat rack and every1 said til the end of the day and gym is 1st period 4 me,and my teacher hung me in the girls locker room and at the end of the day she says connor your girlfriend is waiting for u by the toilets so i went by the toilets and my teacher and girlfriend lift me up and give me a huge swirly and every day my gym teacher gives me an atomic wedgie and swirly.
  • Anonymous: funny