The Crush, The Sister and the Towel

From: Katie B

When I was 18, my parents went on vacation and left me home with my 10 year-old sister for a couple days. Which was totally my choice.

I decided to take a shower. My sister was watching TV in the living room. So I went to the bathroom and took off all of my clothes. Just as I'm about to step in, my dog, who's outside at the time started barking like crazy. I put a towel around me and ran outside to see what the matter was. It was the guy I had a crush on, standing in our driveway. He looked happy to see me in a towel. We started talking. About five minutes into the conversation, my sister came outside. I introduced her to him. The towel I was using was specially made for her, that she always whined and complained whenever anyone else would use it. She turned to me and got a really angry look on her face. "That's my towel!" she shouted..

Just then, with my crush standing there, my sister grabbed the towel, leaving me naked. She ran into the house with it. I ran to the door totally naked. My crush saw me in the buff. I was beyond mortified. To make it worse, she had locked the door. I peaked in through the windows and saw her standing there laughing. My crush was also standing outside still looking at me. He pretended not to be looking, but I could tell he was. I covered up what I could with my hands as I ran around the house to the back door. Our neighbors, were having a pool party with a bunch of 14-15 year-olds. They all saw me and started laughing. Still, I managed to open the door, put on some clothes, yell at my sister and apologize to my crush.

Just wait till my sister enters high school. I'll find someway to embarrass her.








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  • layla


    i had a crush on this guy, like forever. i was taking a shower and saw my cat scratching my crush, I ran out in a mini towel and shooed my cat into the house. Me and my crush were talking as my little boy neighbor was on top of a tree on top of me! He had a fishing hook and somehow managed to reel in something. But,that something was my towel. I panicked! My crush looked at me and said, Nice boobs. I ran to the front door, but i seem to have accidentally locked it on my way out. I tried the back door, also locked. The worst part was that i seriously needed to go pee. I ran to the front door, my crush was gone. I started peeing. Then suddenly my crush came and saw me naked, peeing on my front lawn, like a dog. He stared at me then said I'll go get a towel. Then i wanted to stop peeing but I couldn't. Um, do you wanna stop he asked? Umm, I nodded, my face was as red as a tomato. My crush ran over to his house. Then a pair of super cute guys came over and saw me, hey do you need a cup? I ran to my backyard and when i was sure they weren't there i came out, my crush helped me out and hen my parents came home they got me and i went back home!
  • goldenhero: (-2) SEX


  • gay man 24: (-1) hey girls
    gay man 24


    hey girls


    GOD ur sister is a demon!!!!!!!!!

    DONT do wat abbie sed, thats just plain stupid!

    lol just mess her up naked wen she has a boyfriend!
  • Jonas


    Ive got a good revenge.
    Put som laxative in her milk or what she drinks, in the morning. If you get the timing right, she shits herself in school. that gotta do the job :D
  • helen ly: punk !! ...
    helen ly


    punk !!
    wen my sis does dat i would mix up her shampo with my grandmas shampo and it aint pretty
  • Abbie


    I've got a revenge for you...
    wen she enters high school, take in the towel she loves so much and in front of her and loads of people, shred it up to a million pieces. If she screams at you, she's just totally dropped herself to the bottom of the social ladder!
  • joshua: LOL


  • muffin


    man ur sister is a retard
    that guy shouldve looked away too
    but he didnt .think about it 4 a few minutes...............
  • Bull Honkey: I will rate it....
    Bull Honkey


    I will rate it.

    Bull Honkey! The Bull Honker. TM.