Bully Stripped Naked

From: Anonymous

Back in high school, there was a total jerk named steve that would pick on everyone smaller than him and showed very little mercy. He would even embarrass girls, there was nobody he wouldn't bully.

Along with the bullying he would often bother my girls and me telling us how big and bad he was. he thought he was mr.stud. after months of his silly advances and annoying, tiresome lines, we decided to call his bluff...

To make a long story short, we lured steve into an empty classroom and told him we wanted to hook up. soon we grabbed him held him down and stripped him completely naked! u should have seen how small his thing was, we all just bursted out laughing! steve began to cry as we taunted him about his size. he even wet himself at the thought of what we were going to do to him next. we tied his hands behind his back, pushed him out the door and locked it behind him! the look on his face was priceless. there big bad steve was trying his best to make it through the crowded hallways with his little pathetic excuse for manhood bouncing around for all to see!!

I have never seen someone so completly humiliated in such a public forum. Steve never got a date for the rest of his high school days.








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  • Jasmim


    I spent a summer weekend trecking in the mountains with a group of boys and girls. Most of them were from my high school. After three hours of walking up steep trails, girls decided to take a break. Boys told us the would wait for us ferther up the trail. They told us to stay on the trail so we wouldn't get lost, but never suspected they were going to play an embarrassing prank on a boy named Keven. A few minutes later we put our back packs on and began walking up the trail, when we herd a boy telling us to stop. We saw Keven leaning up against a tree and as we got closer, realized he had been tied to it and left with his pants and underwear pulled down. Poor Keven had been pranked and left to get caught naked for the waist down. Ofcourse no of us were about to miss something like that. Poor Keven almost died of shame when we all gathered in front of him.. A full frontal view of his dick sticking out half hard and plenty of time to check it out. There was no one else but us to cut him lose and by then he had grown a full erection, and the humiliating experience of having it in front of girls. Best trecking trip we ever had.
  • Alan


    I was 15 years old when some boys pulled down my pants and undrwear in front of girls. These were no inocent girls, they were all there to participate and sexually thrill themselves watching. They did for kicks and away from school grounds so no one would see. I later found out they had done the same thing to another boy and decide to find another victim. That other boy did the same thing I did, witch was to not say anything to save ourselves the embarrassment.. It was still embarrassing because other girls and boys in school probably were told. I'm sure the school staff never found out and even if they did, they probably would have done nothing. I felt like I was the laughing stock of the whole school prentending it wasen't a big deal.
  • Corinne


    I don't care how mean he was, that was extreamly mean. What if you were stripped naked and got made fun of how small you boobs are?This sounds cheesy but use you words. You could have just said "Hey you know what, Your a jerk. Your mean to everybody. Why are you like this. Nobody listens to what you say so dont waste your breath. Some day we are all going to die, and when you die all you will be able to think about is how mean you were so people. and you will never be able to get that back" Revenge isnt the answer my friend.
  • Cruel and heartless


    I have been bullied in my life...but that just plain wrong. That was stooping down to his level. Bullies often do that because they have low self esteem. What he needed was for someone to be his friend not for a bunch of bullies to deliberately publically humiliate him. How you guys like it if you were stripped totally naked and forced to walk that way? That was wrong. It is not ok for him to have bullied people, but that does not justify doing that to him!
  • Navispock


    This story is kind of embarrassing, but turns out well in the end. I'm 16, and a few years ago, one night me and my "best friend that's a girl", Katy, were having a sleepover at my house. BTY, Katy is pretty much the most beautiful girl in school (have a major crush). We were playing video games and it had come into question who would shower first. So I lost rock, paper, scissors,and we decided that I would. So I took the shower, and I was behind the curtain drying off. Our house is built on a hill, and a little slanted, and what I didn't realize was that the door had swung open, and assuming that I was done and changing in my room, Katy grabbed her towel and went in the bathroom for her shower. She shut the door and began undressing, not knowing I was still naked behind the shower curtain. Don't ask me how I didn't hear her come in, cause I honestly don't know. So after I finished drying myself, I drew back the curtain and discovered her standing there completely nude! We were both so shocked at the sight of eachother's completely exposed bodies that neither of us even thought to cover ourselves! Since this was the first time either of us had seen the opposite sex nude, all we could do was just stand and stare at eachother's private areas. I was blown away by the mere sight of her perfectly rounded breasts and her hard pink nipples. At least two minutes must have passed before I actually began to think about how my penis appeared to her! As I slowly receded out of my trance, I realized that I was completely rock hard! Pretty embarrassed about this, I finally decided to cover myself up. As soon as I put my hands in place over my privates, she kind of seemed to come out of the trance. She finally removed her eyes from my crotch, we just kind of stared at eachother, not sure what to do next. Finally, I decided it would be the polite thing to do to look away. I quickly apologized and turned to face the wall. I thought she would be humiliated, but I was surprised when she said "You know, we've already seen eachother's stuff anyway. We might as well just look." I couldn't believe it! She actually liked it! To be honest, I liked it as well. So I turned back around and put my hands down. She looked at my erect penis and just kind of giggled. I smiled. I offered to leave so she could get on with her shower, but she actually asked me to stay! So I agreed. Then she started the shower and we both climbed in. I leaned against the shower wall and watched her wash her long, smooth, brown hair. After she was done washing, she got a huge grin on her face. I smiled and asked her what the grin was for. She paused for a second, and then asked," Um, can I feel it?" I was completely blown away! She actually wanted to feel my penis! I gladly said yes. So we snuck down the hallway and back to my bedroom. For the next hour or so, we took turns playing with eachother's privates and experimenting. Finally, we climbed into the same bed, naked. I could not believe the pleasure of feeling her soft, nude skin pressed up against mine. For the rest of the night, we slept together, our nude bodies snugly pressed together. Now, years later, we are the happiest, and most popular couple in our school. Although, we never told anyone about that night.

    P.S. To all the worrisome moms out there, don't worry, we are both the responsible, smart types. So we were smart enough not to do anything TOO bad. :-)
  • joey


    hahah thats really embarrassing but what happened to me was way worse. At the doctors office i had to see a urologist who just happened to be an attractive female blonde,UGH she told me to sit on the table and remove my pants and shirt. When i did this she started touching my stomach and it almost seemed like she was tickling me. My penis went straight up through the hole in my boxers and she looked surprised but started laughing. As i was putting it away another nurse opened the door and every other person walking through the hall got a great look the nurse said OMG in a loud voice and all the other nurses walking by came in. It was humiliating and my penis was laughed at by almost every nurse there. not good
  • g.


    I actually had that done to me by a group of guys in the locker room in high school--I was kind of a smart ass in class and this was their revenge--didn't take much to get me down--I'm not a muscular guy--and there were 7 of them so getting all my clothes off(i was dressed for gym) wasn't hard--apparently they had planned to stop at my underwear--but when they stood me up this jerk named Phil yanked them down--they all laughed and pretty soon took them completely-- one of the doors to the locker room opened directly on to the hallway--and thats the door they dragged me to and marched me out of totally naked--the bell rang almost as soon as i was out there-- hands held behind my back and frog marched up and down the hall being laughed at--I have never felt so embarrassed or exposed in my life!
  • Todd


    I have gone through something simular in College.I played football and in my senior year I was at a party and got wasted.There was three cheerleaders present which I had no use for.They got me in one of the bedrooms and stripped me down to my jockey briefs.As I was still out cold they removed my briefs and when they were done jerking me off they shaved my pubic hair and balls.When I came around the room was filled with several more girls and I started to get an erection.That was several years ago and my wife still talks about it even though she did not particapate with the girls as she came into the room later.
  • Anon: (+1) It did sea...


    It did sea
    rve him right to some extent, but u went too far!
  • Jennifer Frisch


    That's really terrific! I would have loved to have seen that. I've known some school bullys in my day, and I think they should all be treated like that. I bet that would end their bullying, at least until high school was over. I think they should have tied him naked to the flag pole, him in front of the pole and his hands tied behind it, so the whole school could walk by and laugh their asses off. Perfect solution to the problem!
  • Jake: LMFAO ...



    thats sick but funny should og blind folded him lol anyways
  • KootchyKootchyKoo


    What jerks to do that to him. Yes I know that he was a bully...but you know why most bullies are that way? On the outside they act like they think they are so cool and stuff. On the inside they are hurting deeply. There is pain, great pain, going on in their lives so they do mean things and say mean things to others to build themselves up. The best way to handle a bully is not to be a bully yourself but to be a friend and kind and loving. And by the way this is coming from someone who was bullied a lot. To strip him naked and humiliate him is to be a bully.
  • Rivan Pinegrove: Brave soul.
    Rivan Pinegrove


    Brave soul.