Note : Dont Forget Underpants

From: BJ

I do a lot of amatuer theater and it's not uncommone to have to execute a quick and complete costume change back stage, in front of whoever happens to be there. We're pretty casual about that kind of thing and seeing someone or being seen in your underwear is no big deal.

I was doing this part where I played a cross dresser who tries on a dress one of the woman in his office had just purchased. He only means to try it on in the bathroom, just to see how it looks on him but an earthquake hits and then his regular clothes disappear and so he spends he second half of the play in a dress. It was actually quite funny.

This play, though, was put on in he summer when I usually wear either a thong or nothing at all. I had to change into that dress in about one minute backstage, and in a well lighted area which was rather unusual, in front of just about every woman in the cast and crew who seemed to get the biggest case of the giggles watching me put on that dress. I'm not shy but wearing either a thong or nothing would have been too much exposure for me if not my litle audience.

So I wore high rise briefs the first two nights of the show. The following Friday, though, I was running late and barely had time to shower before I left for the theater. Well, Ive always been absent minded under the best of circumstances and when I'm rushed and trying to do more than one thing at at time, I'm even worse; things jus slip my mind, I know I laid out both socks and briefs to wear under my first act costume, normal business attire so I could wear it to the theater and save some time.

I know I picked up the underpants to put them on and if you had asked me if I was wearing them I would have sworn that I was. Of course, I wasn't. Something must have distracted me and my mine move on to something else. And since I didn't need to change prior to going on in the first scene, I was completely unaware of the sight I was about to present when I caming running of the stage holding the dress with about a minute to change. I flung it to the woman who was helping me dress and went right to undressing in front of the usual audience.

Not having time for any niceties, I stripped down as usual leaving my clothes wherever they happened to fall. When I dropped my pants and steped out of them, I couldn't help but notice that the giggling seemed louder than usual. I even heard a few exclamations of surprise but I had no time to do anything but struggle into the dress and run back on stage which I did, still completely unaware that I'd forgetten to wear underpants. I didn't find out until intermission when one of the women, my best friend in fact which is probably why she got the job, tactfully old me to be very careful of my movements in ACT II and most especiall to keep my legs glued together when I sat on the desk facing the audience. When she told me why, I started blushing and didnt stop for the rest of the evening. And believe me,I was very careful, keeping the dress down and my legs together. Ouside of the obvious jokes, which no one could resist, everyone was very good about what had happened and no one did or said anything that would have added to my embarrassmet.

Strangely enough I did a play a few years later where my entire costme consisted or a towel wrapped around my waist. I was nude under the towel but I was supposed to be as my last scene was done in the nude. That wasnt the least bit embarrassing,though, probably because it was intentional. Unitentional nudity in front of a much smaller audiece is really, really embarrassing. Believe me, I know. I never forgot underpants again no matter how rushed I was. I did forget my costume once, though, but that's another story....