Humiliating Spanking

From: Jerome

I got one of my most humiliating spanking when I was 8.

By this time I had some homework to do everyday. My parents are both teachers, so they pay lots of attention to my schoolwork and marks. Regularly I forgot to do my homework, and the teacher did report it to my parents. Each pupil had a special book, in which everything was written, so she usually used it to write a letter that my parents were supposed to read and to sign. On day, I really wanted to avoid a punishment from my parents, so I signed the letter myself. I was a very bad idea. It was obvious that I had signed it since my little boy's writing was very different from an adult one. How could I be so stupid ? When the teacher saw it, she told me that she wanted to talk with my parents after the school day. I will never forget it. It was Saturday and the classes finished at 12 am. When the bell rung, I was ready to leave, but there was no way to escape. The teacher kept me in the classroom until my father came. She explained everything to him.
My father kept smiling, but it was an unpleasant and threatening smile. Then we went to pick up my sister (2 years younger than me), who was attempting an other school. We were playing in the car as if nothing had happened. My father remained silent. I became more and more frightened.

And I had to go to the bathroom so bad! When we got home I asked, but my father said I would be punished first. He grabbed me by the arm and took me into the kitchen. I did not expect at all what happened next. I was about to pee in my pants, I was unable to think to something else. To my surprise, my father unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down, then slid my underpants to my ankles. I was standing there naked, letting my sister and my mother see everything. They were both starring at my privates and laughing. It was very embarrassing.

Then my father started to spank me very hard. I completely lost control and peed all over the floor. It was so humiliating ! I was dying of shame ! It could not be real ! However I did not cry. I was afraid to be punished more for peeing, but my father did not seem to notice anything, neither did my mother.

After the spanking, I just ran to the bathroom. I did even not pull my pants up, I went through the house completely naked.








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