Humiliating Spanking

From: Jerome

I got one of my most humiliating spanking when I was 8.

By this time I had some homework to do everyday. My parents are both teachers, so they pay lots of attention to my schoolwork and marks. Regularly I forgot to do my homework, and the teacher did report it to my parents. Each pupil had a special book, in which everything was written, so she usually used it to write a letter that my parents were supposed to read and to sign. On day, I really wanted to avoid a punishment from my parents, so I signed the letter myself. I was a very bad idea. It was obvious that I had signed it since my little boy's writing was very different from an adult one. How could I be so stupid ? When the teacher saw it, she told me that she wanted to talk with my parents after the school day. I will never forget it. It was Saturday and the classes finished at 12 am. When the bell rung, I was ready to leave, but there was no way to escape. The teacher kept me in the classroom until my father came. She explained everything to him.
My father kept smiling, but it was an unpleasant and threatening smile. Then we went to pick up my sister (2 years younger than me), who was attempting an other school. We were playing in the car as if nothing had happened. My father remained silent. I became more and more frightened.

And I had to go to the bathroom so bad! When we got home I asked, but my father said I would be punished first. He grabbed me by the arm and took me into the kitchen. I did not expect at all what happened next. I was about to pee in my pants, I was unable to think to something else. To my surprise, my father unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down, then slid my underpants to my ankles. I was standing there naked, letting my sister and my mother see everything. They were both starring at my privates and laughing. It was very embarrassing.

Then my father started to spank me very hard. I completely lost control and peed all over the floor. It was so humiliating ! I was dying of shame ! It could not be real ! However I did not cry. I was afraid to be punished more for peeing, but my father did not seem to notice anything, neither did my mother.

After the spanking, I just ran to the bathroom. I did even not pull my pants up, I went through the house completely naked.








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  • Someone


    That's just really sick... I never believed that the whole "spanking" method could ever do anything to improve a child's behavior. You just scold them (when their little) so they know what's wrong from what's right, not beat them when they misbehave... I've been there... It just feels like rape... It's sick dude... You have my sympathy... The worst part is, it happened in your house, I've always thought that if something like that happened outside, your home would be your sanctuary... But your family was there... Leaving you no place to go to.. All alone... I feel sorry for you... :'( You where only 8... Also, where are you from? Where I come from, there isn't any school on Saturdays... Are you from China? Lol.
  • Dieter Denner


    That´s great! I think you learnt your lesson early enough, profoundly and for ever and for what it does really means when it comes to the forgery of documents. Humiliation is always a necessary part of chastisment and so it works wonder. You should admire your dad for having disciplined you in such a strict and succesfull manner and giving you a lesson for your whole life.

  • FrankJustice: Hello...


    I am so pissed to what your parents did to you I would like to tortured them and make them suffer as much as you did...this was not your fault and I think that I would have reported them and let child care take care of me
  • Heather: Child abuse....


    Child abuse.

    If he hits you with anything other than an OPEN HAND. Not to mention, your eight years old, and your mother and sister were laughing at your penis. That is so fucked up.
  • malina


    dsjrhwejlfw you think his parents are perverts! when i slapped my sister because she hit me first my dad stripped me completely naked! u dont need to see my boobs to spank my butt! then he told me to sit on a chair completely naked and i couldnt move for the rest of the day..unfourtunately i had to go to the bathroom and ending up peeing AND POOING on the chair..i had to sit in my piss and crap for about 5 hours! child abuse much
  • Jeena


    A little cruel............
    Ha ha!
    You were only eight.
    My little brother's seven and he'll run through the street naked if he got the chance!
  • KootchyKootchyKoo


    What he did was abusive...physically, sexually, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. Physically for the hits on the buttocks. Sexually because it is the buttocks and cause he deliberately exposed his penis to his mother and sister. Mentally, psychologically, and emotionally because it can leave huge wounds of emotional pain. What happened the spanking was uncalled for. If the family believes in spanking, then at least just a swat on a clothed butt and a grounding...but to bare the buttocks is cruel and inhumane. The father didnt even let his son pee, rather he waited until the right time when his son had to pee when he exposed him naked that way his son would not only be shamed for being naked in front of his mom and sister but also even more humiliated cause he was peeing too. I been hurt in the past by my parents and that might be the reason behind maybe this dad was hurt in the past..but that is no excuse to take the pain out of one's own kid...if thatis even the case.
  • Andreas


    You know, you deserved it! Being hard spanked and humiliated is the right punishment for your crime. Be humble and accept it! Your dad did it out of love, tough love! Be grateful for his love. It was very important to show you never doing this crime again. This crime is a shame for parents who are teacher. Children have to obey, to respect their parents and authority and to learn not to sign, what´s not to be signed by you. It´s a crime, a real crime! Think a little bit about your behaviour. What would you do as an unpunished adult? Becoming a fraud! That´s your wish? Be happy, to be punished, to be spanked from a responsible dad, embarassing and protecting you from crimes in the future. Did you wish indifferent parents saying: It´s all the same whether my kid go to jail or not!

    Think about it!